The 7 worst fonts ever: The definitive list

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Take a break from your workday for a good laugh. We present — for your reading pleasure — the 7 Worst Fonts Ever: The Definitive List.

 7. Times New Roman


Let’s get this one out of the way. In a parallel universe where the decades-long default font is Garamond, Times New Roman is a lovely serif font. But we don’t live in that universe.

6. Lucida Calligraphy


“Oh yeah, THAT font.” Lucida Calligraphy is under-the-radar terrible. It hides behind public punching bags like Comic Sans hoping you won’t notice it’s egregious use on the entire PTA Bake Sale flyer. We see you now, you fraud. How do you sleep at night calling yourself calligraphy?

5. Verdana


You know how I know Verdana is terrible? I thought it was a good font choice in 2002. And believe me, I made NO good style decisions in 2002. This font’s entire existence is built on the fact that it’s a web-safe font that’s not Arial. What kind of resume is that?

(Honorable Mention: Tahoma)

4. Brush Script


No, this is not fun and fancy. It’s cheap and rude. It stings the soul of anyone forced to lay unsuspecting eyes upon it’s cringeworthy clunkiness. Somewhere in the world there is a bakery that uses Brush Script and Lucida Calligraphy together on the same menu and I will never eat at that bakery.

3. Calibri


If you’re reading something in Calibri, there’s a 98% chance you’re in a horrible mood. You’re either stuck watching an afternoon-long PowerPoint presentation in a La Quinta Inn conference room, or you’re scouring archived Microsoft help articles because you’ve seen the blue screen of death for the third time this week. Sorry for your bad luck.

2. Comic Sans


Do I really need to say anything? The only thing more offensive than Comic Sans is the fact that we live in a world where it’s not even the worst font. Also, Cleveland.

1. Papyrus


The bane of my existence. Nothing screams “hot garbage” louder than a product touted in Papyrus. 

Just look at it. It looks like termites started to chew on someone’s oddly-spaced handwriting, but then the termites realized “geez, this is awful” and left it to rot. Papyrus is not some whimsical, vaguely-Mediterranean typeface. It’s a bucket of trash not even good enough for termites. 

I’ll admit. I’ve never visited the Mediterranean. In my mind, it’s this picturesque slice of Earth where brilliant blue water hugs rocky shores dotted with colorful villas. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s a hellish landscape where everything is written in Papyrus.

Now, there you have it — the 7 Worst Fonts Ever. If you've been guilty of using one of these fonts, there is no shame — we've all been there.

The key is never going back.

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