From blogs to podcasts, videos to virtual tours: Content drives leads.

Your content efforts make a significant impact on your sales. By generating valuable content, you’re unlocking the potential for more traffic to be delivered to your site. Suppose these new leads browse your site and connect with the content they see; their chances of turning into customers increase. You will generate more sales if you provide these potential customers with content for the various levels of the marketing funnel.

Illumine8 does do that!

We offer content creation services specific to the *built environment* including audio, video, graphic design, social media, and written content. Visit our in-house creator studio in Frederick, Maryland or our experts can come to you. Tell your company’s story and watch customer engagement grow.

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Inbound Marketing
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Website Copy
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Social Media
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Press Releases
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Audio and Podcasts
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Infographics & Motion Graphics

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about attracting, engaging, and delighting your audience. A well-rounded inbound strategy uses content marketing, blogs, social media, and search engine optimization in synch to deliver a consistent and engaging message. Illumine8’s content strategy is based on the best inbound marketing practices to maximize your content ROI.

Inbound marketing content

Develop your company's inbound marketing campaign to attract the right customers to your business. Illumine8's inbound marketing strategy is simple: we develop highly optimized and intellectually engaging content across multiple platforms that drive traffic to your brand. We then take this traffic and guide them through the sales cycle to help your business generate more highly qualified leads that convert into actual sales. 


Inbound marketing growth strategies for contractor family businesses

Engage with your customers

Build your content strategy on four pillars proven to provide results: targeting, engaging, informing, and analyzing. Identify your target audience with expertly crafted buyer personas that dig deep into the consumer's mind. Engage with readers effectively with content that provokes thought and inspires action. Inform audiences and distinguish your brand as an expert in your field.  Analyze your results and continue to learn as you experiment with content and its effectiveness. 

The inbound marketing balance between content and analytics

Your content strategy starts with deeply understanding your brand, goals, and ideal customers—a tailored content plan maps precisely how you’ll achieve these goals and define success. In partnership, Illumine8 can work with you to build this strategy and execute it through various channels, including web copy, social media, and search engine optimization. In addition, we continually comb through data and adjust our formulas to ensure long-term benefits.




Illumine8 offers blog and article creation for companies in the built environment that strategically maps to your company’s buyers to get them to take the next step to engage with sales. Blogging is one of the best ways to communicate with your brand’s audience while boosting your SEO ranking. Blogging can help with your website’s Search Engine Optimization, attract traffic, and convert leads into customers.

Blogging establishes a connection with your customers

We at Illumine8 have a saying: “you are not your target market.”

Especially in a B2B environment, blogs are more successful if they are tailored toward what your audience wants to hear. We use buyer personas as part of our content strategy to ensure your content relates to your customers. Buyer personas are semi-fictitious identities (based on research) of your ideal customers. Developing well-researched buyer personas can help you narrow your audience and learn how to write for them. With this information, we can more easily place ourselves in your audience’s shoes and write for them.


Four methods of brand engagement you should be doing monthly.

Blogs establish authority

By investing deeply in understanding your audience through buyer personas, we know where your ideal customers go to get their information. This not only fuels your paid advertising strategy but also informs us how to promote your company's content beyond your own owned media. 

Additionally, blog content is the number one way to boost your SEO ranking.


Website Copy

Your audience expects valuable, relevant content that addresses its wants, needs, and pain points. Illumine8 copy creation develops content with the customer and search engines in mind.

Optimizing your website copy without a website redesign 

Your design and useability get much attention during the website development process. However, the website copy is critical to the success of your website. Website copy influences SEO and lead conversion rates. If your website is underperforming, you can improve overall SEO by reviewing your website copy for readability, keywords, and calls to action.



SEO 101: Keyword Optimization For Website Content

Website copy readability for humans and bots

Did you know that the readability standard for website copy is the 8th-grade level? A readability issue means your viewers may need help reading your website pages. You could be using overly complex words or run-on sentences. Maybe you rely on jargon or you are keyword stuffing to influence your SEO. When writing website copy or any kind copy, writing for humans matters.  If your copy has a perceived offputting tone or just doesn't make sense, your customers will go where they feel welcome.




Social Media

Your social media pages are an extension of your brand and can often be where your potential customers get their first impressions when researching which products or services to spend their money. This is why social media management and your online reputation are essential and should be valued and maintained with care, especially on social media. Illumine8 will help you manage your built environment company’s social channels with a strategy that builds audience and supports your business goals.

Choosing the right social platforms

Not all social media platforms are the same. They have different audience demographics and unique best practices for posting. Illumine8 can guide you to develop goals and a strategy for your social media efforts that makes sense for your business.

b2b social media

5 super-easy social media strategies for metal shops and fabricators

Use social media to improve online reviews

One part of social media that you might need to consider is the option for customers to leave reviews. Potential customers looking for your company turn to Google, Facebook, and Angie’s List for reviews and ratings.

Social media can attract talent to your company

A strong employer brand and workplace culture, or lack thereof, has a direct impact (positive or negative) on your company’s ability to hire talent, keep talent and deliver a great customer experience. 

To keep your employer brand strong, invest in internal marketing campaigns that use various content types and share those events that celebrate the culture, team members’ successes, and why your company is a great place to work on social media. The more transparent and proactive you are about honestly representing what a "day in the life" looks like, at your company, the more likely candidates will choose your firm over another.  


Press Releases

Illumine8’s expertise in content creation includes crafting a professional press release for your latest business announcement and distributing it through PR publishing services. This includes awards, staff promotions, groundbreaking and grand openings, company anniversaries, and project bid awards.

Local and industry recognition

So, you've got some exciting news to share.
You may have made a critical new hire that will empower your business. Or perhaps you've moved into a new office space. Or even better, you've won a new, game-changing bid.


6 best practices for press releases

While your news doesn't make the front page of Time Magazine, remember the power of press releases to gain industry and local recognition. Employee promotions (especially to leadership positions), speaking engagements, and awards are often press release-worthy. It could be a once-in-a-company-lifetime occurrence, so write the news while it’s fresh.

Your company is an influencer

Everyone is a social media influencer in the world of Instagram influencers and viral Twitter fame. While your company might not have that many listeners, you have access to those that matter, making you an “accidental journalist.”

This term was coined to describe those who publish their own news via their preferred method of communication. “Accidental journalists” became a speedy, open source, eliminating the need for publications. They went straight to their audience.

Hulu was a frontrunner in this trend. They didn’t kill press releases but published news on their blog and social media channels. This meant they were in charge and directly interacting with their valuable audience.

If you’re tired of sending release after release into the email abyss of publications, reach out on social media and publish a blog. Illumine8 can help you control the narrative and leverage your existing audience for a near-immediate response to your news. 


Audio and Podcasts

Audio and podcast content channels give your audience another way to experience your brand. The audio format puts a voice to your company in this marketing field that is continuing to grow. Illumine8’s professional podcast studio can help you plan for your company’s new podcast, capture your voice in-person or remotely and polish the final product.

Add audio to your written content strategy

Get more mileage from your written content by adding an audio component that allows your readers to consume your thought leadership through their eyes instead of their eyes. Illumine8's content studio includes a professional recording studio for premium-sounding recordings.


Future proof your content and increase conversions

Podcast Recording and Publishing

Looking to add a podcast to your content strategy? Podcasting is a great way to expand your audience and your thought leadership in your industry. At Illumine8, we help you develop a podcast strategy, plan episodes, and execute your company's podcast's recording, editing, publication, and promotion.


Video: In-studio and on-location, drone, and social media videos

Captivate your customers with Illumine8’s Video Marketing Solutions through drone or traditional video formats. Let us tell your built environment company’s story in the most visually engaging content format. Our in-house creator studio produces 1 to 2-person shoots, ideal for explainer videos, product demonstrations, webinars, and interviews. Our production team can also come to you for on-location shoots, including tours, testimonials, project overviews, and drone content. Boost your social media feed and increase lead engagement through branded video content fine-tuned for digital.

Lights, Camera, Convert!

Video is one of the largest areas of content growth. From social media to sales pitches to customer service support, video can help you reach your customers more personally, and meaningfully. 


5 ways to integrate video into your marketing program

Nothing tells your company's story faster than high-quality video. Illumine8 uses drone photography to capture on-site construction, real estate, and factory tours. These sweeping shots tell the scale story of your company and projects that words can't capture.

In-studio or on-location video

Video is disrupting how buyers get content, and it is only growing in popularity. It’s a great way to reach out to viewers with live or scripted original content and show them a different view.

Video is the gold standard for social media and can be used in a variety of ways to connect with your customers:

  • Interview format with contractor partners
  • 1-person short explanation videos
  • How-to videos
  • Product installation videos
  • Virtual tour videos
  • Sales videos
  • Internal training videos
  • Reels
  • Demonstration videos
  • Vlogging style videos

Infographics and Motion Graphics

Infographics and motion graphics help enjoyably explain complex topics. Illumine8 can curate this valuable brand content to lend authority and give readers a tangible point of reference from your built environment company.


Use infographics as companion pieces to long-form content to help break down complex processes or facts into more straightforward, enjoyable visual learning tools. Illumine8 can help you leverage infographics in your social media campaigns and other online media.


4 marketing tips for trades contractor businesses

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated graphics with text as a primary component. Motion graphics can be used in three ways:

  • Promotional videos: to help sell a product or service
  • Explainer videos:tTo help define a concept, product, or service
  • Emotive videos: Move your audience too feel something

Motion graphics, like infographics, rely on text and symbols to explain complex topics more simply. This is an excellent option for your built environment business if it would be hard to capture the topic with live footage or if the product or service is highly technical. 

We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI

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