Get more ROI from marketing with a digital marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy is not hiring someone to manage your social media or investing in a banner ads package with no plan. Instead, at Illumine8, we help your business focus on the best opportunities to reach customers, increase sales, and achieve a competitive advantage in the market. 

We have worked with builders, developers, manufacturers, distributors, and real estate professionals for more than ten years to develop effective online marketing plans. As a result, we have many digital solutions beyond the tactics to build effective lead-generating campaigns. 

Illumine8 does do that!

We offer digital marketing strategies and services specific to the built environment for a turnkey lead generation solution for your business, including: 

  • Positioning and persona development
  • Company and project branding
  • New development branding
  • Marketing campaign strategy
  • Lead generation
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Persona Development
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Company & Project Branding
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Persona Development

The key to any market strategy begins with understanding your customer. All companies start from this starting line, including your manufacturing, distribution, or construction business. Sometimes called customer or marketing personas/profiles by marketing professionals, buyer personas help executives, sales, and marketing depict a target customer through a research-based profile. Buyer personas put aside your biases and empathize with your ideal customers. What are their days like? What are the challenges they face, and do they make decisions?

Knowing your customer personas helps you:

  • Optimize your marketing communications

How to create buyer persona's for today's built environment

  • Reduce your overall marketing spend and customer acquisition cost
  • Boost lead generation and save time on low-quality leads
  • Improve your sales processes and strategy
  • Create relevant and targeted content in the proper channels
  • Make your brand more personal for your customer
  • Enhance your product and/or service to be more relevant to your customer

At Illumine8, we help peel back the layers of your ideal customer, bring a fresh, unbiased perspective, and build your marketing strategy on solid data and proven communication and marketing methods. 


Company and Project Branding

Push your brand beyond your logo with a comprehensive plan and holistic brand experience. Stand out from the crowd, attract & retain customers, and leave a positive impression of your company with every touchpoint. Your brand can create loyalty in your customers and empower your employees to become brand ambassadors. 

Branding has specific applications in the built environment. Manufacturers brand new products. Distributors have to balance product branding with their own identities. New communities require not just branding but entire identities to be successful in new home sales. Illumine8 understands the nuances of branding in the built environment.

Illumine8 helps you strengthen your brand identity by:

  • Helping you communicate your mission statement, values, and brand promise

Celebrate your construction company's anniversary with branding

  • Develop brand identity guidelines for a uniform look and tone across customer touchpoints and internally with your team
  • Audit and adjust your website, digital marketing, social media, sales tools, and collateral to your brand guidelines
  • Bring branding to live in customer experiences, including showrooms, conference displays, and sales centers


What do you want your customers to think of when they hear your company’s name or see your logo? If you have never considered this process, then Illumine8 can help you establish your brand’s positioning. Positioning is the space a company owns in the mind of a customer and how it differentiates itself from competitors, brand positioning is a marketing strategy that helps businesses set themselves apart. 

Illumine8 analyzes your brand positioning by: 

  • Understanding what your consumers want
  • Determining what your company’s and brand's capabilities are
  • Researching how your competitors position their brand
  • Developing a positioning statement that  resonates with your consumers
  • Choosing the most effective delivery methods
  • Differentiating your brand from your competitors

How to develop a sound segmentation, targeting, and positioning model

Brand positioning workshops

The positioning of your company's products and services is critical to the success of your business. At Illumine8, we utilize a workshop format to help you evaluate your current positioning or help build new positioning for a new company, project, or brand. 

Our positioning workshop is a series of exercises designed to help you compare your brand objectively against your competitors from the viewpoint of your customer and your team. It's grounded in a human approach to branding and aims to help you make a deeper connection with your audience.

We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI

Get a free assessment from one of our digital marketers. 



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We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI.