Increase leads and decease inefficiencies in your marketing.

Stop spending way too much time on manual marketing tasks that could be strategically automated while still maintaining control, engaging with your customers, and growing your business. Digital automation takes your lead generation efforts to the next level by digitizing manual marketing processes such as contact segmentation, lead nurturing, email marketing, and customer communications.

Illumine8 does do that!

Illumine8 offers digital marketing automation services specific to the built environment, including first-party data segmentation, email marketing automation, sales pipeline automation, and back-office customer communications.

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Email Automation
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Lead Automation
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Sales Pipeline Management
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Back Office Automation

Email Automation

Email automation is essential to transforming your sales team’s time and focusing on efforts that grow your bottom line. Reach the right people with a targeted message at the right moment—without manual labor.  With Illumine8’s expertise, we implement strategies to segment, target, and personalize your messages using rich behavioral data and attributes.

Benefits of Email Automation Include:

Personalize your customers’ experiences: Research concludes that most customers respond positively to personalized content. Through email automation, you can create a series of automated emails to grow customer relationships efficiently.


The rise of the email course

Less Manual Time spent + More Relationship Building: Instead of manually compiling lists or scheduling messages, Illumine8 can create systems that promote your brand in a meaningful way and make the most of your sales and marketing team’s time.

Improve your customer retention rate: It’s easier to retain an existing customer than to convert a new one. Email Automation uses the customer’s past interactions to create relevant content to maximize impact.

Keeps your marketing scalable: Though manual emails might work for now, what would occur if your customer base doubled or staff decreased? Through an email marketing platform and Illumine8’s expertise, your email automation system will ensure you can grow without additional demands on your limited resources.


Lead Automation

The average salesperson spends just one-third of their day speaking to prospects, while they spend over 50% of their time working on administrative tasks that could be automated. Your sales team needs automation, and Illumine8 can deliver. Our team works as an extension of your sales team to improve lead automation systems continually.

Lead automation can drive benefits to your bottom line:

Drives & Convert More leads. Simplify and automate the lead-gathering and converting process with the right lead automation system. 


Lead automation generates 442% increase in leads

Monitor Your Marketing Channels. With lead automation software in place, You can keep a record of all the channels you use to interact with your customers and receive detailed information about which customer did what and where.

Measurable Results. Complete reports show how your lead generation activities perform and support your sales funnel.

Improve the Customer Experience. Nurture prospects A/B testing to improve how much people resonate with your content. Use software data to monitor, launch, and refine your content and campaigns.

It Reduces Operating Costs. Help your bottom line by reducing labor costs by focusing only on quality leads or qualifying leads; it increases their efficiency. 


Sales Pipeline Management

Developing business processes and sticking to them across your functions is imperative to your organization’s continued success. Of all the processes you need to develop and harness as you hit a growth spurt, few are as important as your sales process and — even more specifically — the development of a formal sales pipeline.

As a business owner or sales director, building out your first sales pipeline can be daunting as you try to juggle a client-first approach with taking care of your internal operations. We’re here to help you get started and inspired to take action.

Why a sales pipeline is critical to solid sales performance:

Consistency: A carefully defined and well-communicated sales pipeline helps you or your sales manager take control and bake in consistency


How to build a sales pipeline

Accountability: A Sales Pipeline is used company-wide, providing an open book among sales representatives and managers. The same pipeline structure is used for all reps; therefore, all reps are judged within the same criteria and using the same tools.

Tracking & Sales Analysis: gain a better understanding of why a deal closed, closed more quickly, or why a sales-qualified lead (SQL) dropped out of the pipeline.

Project the future: A solid sales pipeline will also enable your sales manager(s) to better project future revenue by identifying how many opportunities fall within each pipeline stage along with the likelihood of closing for each pipeline phase


Back Office Automation

Imagine a world where back office automation handles tedious, human-error-prone, repetitive tasks. Your team will experience more efficiency, expend less labor and time, and have more range for strategy development, innovation, and productivity —vital elements for growth

The benefits of adopting a Back-Office Automation System include the following:

  • Employees will have time for higher-value work

Technology Stack Audit: Definition + an exercise plan for bloated software systems

  • Document management will be faster, more thorough
  • Less fraud and waste
  • Customer and employee retention can be predictable
  • Transactions can be more efficient, transparent, secure, and faster 

We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI

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We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI.