Automation, brand, and intelligence in one revenue process — shaped around the customer.

Built Environment leaders are being challenged to do more with less. With RevOps, businesses can navigate a rapidly changing building industry. RevOps brings the pillars of a company together — from marketing, sales, service, customer success, and finance — around a common goal: increase revenue efficiently by acquiring and converting leads and using customer data to identify new opportunities.

Illumine8 does do that!

Illumine8 offers RevOps services specific to the built environment, including custom reporting for first-party data, real-time digital dashboards, technology stack audits, HubSpot CRM implementation, and integrations.

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Custom Reporting
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HubSpot CRM

Custom Reporting

Illumine8’s reporting and analytics systems help you put together the story you need to tell. We look at ways to pull your built environment company’s first-party data in a single dashboard that makes it easy to see what’s going on with all the metrics that matter most to you and your business using HubSpot CRM and Google Data studio.

Example built environment industry key metrics to measure RevOps success:

  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer churn rate

The only revenue reporting metric you need in the built environment

  • Monthly & annual recurring revenue
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Sales cycle time
  • Conversion rates




Be ready for your next built environment company board meeting, monthly review, and other recurring reporting demands with intelligent RevOps dashboards. RevOps dashboards provide real-time access to the information your team needs through consolidated reporting. One point of truth allows your reports to focus on critical indicators and trends and identify gaps and strengths. 

Illumine8 considers these factors when developing your reporting dashboards:


Race to RevOps

  • The purpose of the dashboard
  • Who needs to see it
  • How often it will be seen
  • How much data is included
  • The time period filters

HubSpot CRM implementation and integrations

To keep up with the ever-evolving customer expectations, organizations in the built environment are tapping into a new generation of CRM use and strategy through RevOps. Illumine8 connects your data across all departments, automates processes, and curates personalization experiences through a CRM implementation.

Benefits to adopting a single CRM system for your built environment company’s first-party data include:

  • Improved customer service
HubSpot CRM Implementation

How to prepare and implement a new CRM

  • Increased sales and retention
  • Detailed analytics and automated reporting
  • Centralized database of information
  • Managed communications with prospects and customers
  • Automated reporting
  • More accurate sales forecasting
  • Streamlined internal communications

We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI

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We'll get your built environment business on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI.