Real marketing solutions for building and real estate professionals.

From Architecture to Zoning, connecting with your builder and contractor customers can be a full-time job. Gain efficiencies through your communication strategy while driving leads, creating exceptional customer experiences, and empowering your team through RevOps.


Building Industry Marketing Expertise

Behind every custom home, planned development, and commercial building is the talent of real estate professionals. Architects, engineers, and more create the dreams on which the rest of the building industry depends.

From private equity to engineering, real estate management to interior design, Illumine8 understands the demands on your firm's expertise. If you want to showcase your firm's story to win more jobs, Illumine8 can help you reach your marketing potential. For 10+ years, we’ve gained expertise and brought solutions to building industry professionals. 


  • Marketing strategy
  • Website optimization
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing

We’ll get your real estate company on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI.

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Meet the demands of today’s built environment conditions with digital automation

If your business serves building and construction, you know the marketing, sales, and customer retention cycle differs from every other industry. Architects, engineers, private equity firms, property management companies, and others can create exceptional customer experiences by automating transactional and operational communications. Automation isn’t just for your marketing strategy. Leverage RevOps as part of your digital marketing program. Leverage chatbots and knowledge bases for frequently asked questions from tenants. Consider secure portals for file sharing your plan files. Enable self-service portals to manage customer payments, issue quotes, and more. Illumine8's award-winning RevOps strategies can save your firm hundreds of hours, so your team can return to doing what they do best.


Content that converts and retains customers for real estate

Drone footage, stunning photography, and videos are not just for real estate brokers. Show off your work through stories that sell your firm’s capabilities and tell the narrative of your work’s impact. In the age of AI-generated content, your customers crave your thought leadership. Share your expertise through your company’s own podcast. Consider narrating a video that brings your portfolio of work to life. Let your marketing campaign come to life through photos, sound, and video. Let Illumine8’s expert content creators help you craft the right messages to your audience through video, sound, graphics, and social media.


Email that connects leads and customers to your company

Business happens in the inbox. The benefits of email marketing are timeliness. Email is still the leading marketing channel for communicating with leads and customers. Don’t send out another dull email blast for your audience to ignore. Work with Illumine8 to fine-tune your content strategy and deliver your messages to your target audience through email when it's relevant and timely. Test subject lines that boost your open rates through targeted email, email newsletter, and an automated email marketing platform. Personalize your email communications at scale so your audience engages with your content. Higher click-through rates translate to more sales opportunities. Stop blasting and start connecting through email automation.

We’ll get your real estate company on the path of dramatic growth and verifiable ROI.

Get a free assessment from one of our expert digital marketers.


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