Who We Work For

We are a revenue operations firm for businesses that support the building industry: manufacturers, distributors, builders, and real estate management services.

We work best with manufacturers, distributors, builders, and service providers in the building industry who want to drive more revenue efficiently by aligning marketing, sales, service, and operational efforts.

“Illumine8 brings us a good idea. Then they surprise me and say, ‘Oh no, there's more you can do’. Or ‘have you thought about doing this?’”- Bill, Principal, Kenwood Management Company



10-400 employees



Headquartered in the United States



Manufacturer, distributor, builder, or professional service provider that supports the building and real estate industry

Sales and Marketing


Established sales, marketing, service, and operational functions, but these departments may be using separate tools or feel isolated from each other. Challenges often revolve around operational alignment, transparency in data reporting, project management, marketing, and sales alignment, or digital transformation.

Typical Client Investment

Typical Client Investment

Our minimum initial engagement is $20,000 for projects with typical clients leveraging a budget between $65,000 - $250,000 annually

We like to build (businesses)

Our building roots run deep. With generations of contractor and builder experience in our veins, we are passionate about the economic empowerment that the building industry creates in our lives and communities. Through revenue operations, we believe businesses can create a cycle of value that stands the test of time, from this generation to the next.



Types of Engagements

Growing building industry businesses partner with Illumine8 to leverage revenue operations in the following engagements:


Building your RevOps Foundation

Our team will work with you to focus on foundational revenue operations functions required for every business to scale. Foundational revenue operations include digital marketing, CRM, inbound marketing, goal setting, and benchmarking.


Growing with RevOps Automation

Revenue operations automation leverages a technology audit to review your processes from a profit and customer experience perspective. We discover efficiencies and codify best practices for marketing, sales, and operational automation.


Expanding profits with RevOps

Achieving organizational alignment with revenue operations accelerates a cycle of value generation. We accelerate goal to customer alignment with real-time custom dashboards giving you transparency to all activities contributing ROI.

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know…when it came to overcoming our growth challenges” - Bill, Partner, Kenwood Management Company

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