Help your bottom line by fostering loyal and repeat sales from your current customers.

Keep customers returning and referring leads with a customer retention program that starts after the sale closes. Leverage content and loyalty-building strategies to keep current customers engaged with your build environment company brand to weather volatile markets and lift revenues.

Illumine8 does do that!

Illumine8 offers customer retention services specific to the built environment, including segmented customer-specific content, surveys, referral programs, and cross-sale strategies. 

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Customer Retention Strategy
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Net Promoter Score
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Customer Retention Strategy

Customer retention strategies are the organized and intentional efforts businesses create to build customer loyalty and improve customer value post-sale. Your customer retention strategy will give you repeat business, word-of-mouth, and referral marketing opportunities.

Customer retention strategies benefit your business through the following:

Brand Ambassadors: Successful and loyal customers are likelier to tell their friends or colleagues about your built environment company.


Increase customer retention with these five RevOps strategies

Cost savings: It is more cost-effective to retain a customer than acquire a new customer. Increase the lifetime value of your customers by continuing the conversation with them post-sale.

Less Competition Threat: Coke or Pepsi? Loyal customers are less interested in competitors and can develop loyalty that results in brand advocacy driving down your overall cost per sale.

Increased customer spending: As previous customers are more likely to purchase again after a positive experience, they are also likely to be willing to spend more on follow-up purchases.



Collect feedback directly from customers with methodical and straightforward surveys to help give feedback to your customer support team, product offerings, employees, and more. As it is easy for your customers to discover competitors, you must learn why they stay and what you can improve. 

Customer surveys help your built environment company grow by:

Build Brand Ambassadors: Surveys grow rapport with the customer and show customers their opinions matter. You will earn word-of-mouth marketing by converting relevant survey results into actions.


Customer satisfaction KPIs you need to implement now

Unbiased Opinions: You are not your customers, and without knowing what’s working, you may make uninformed changes to your peril.

Right the wrongs: Your customers or clients with a negative experience might only return if they confront their issues. Inviting the discussion through surveys makes you more likely to right the wrongs and retain a customer.

You can learn more about your customer: Surveys can further develop your customer base and influence marketing campaigns.

Track your Brand’s Progress: Year-over-year surveys will benchmark your performance and track whether changes are successful, noticed, or missed the mark. 


Net Promoter Score

Your Net Promoter Score is customer feedback ranging from -100 to 100, giving data on your customer’s satisfaction or willingness to recommend your product or service to others. It is essential to quickly gauge a customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service and the customer’s loyalty to the brand.

Your built environment company can use an NPS to:

  • Curate Interactions with prospects and customers
  • Create and develop new products and services through feedback

How to put your net promoter score (NPS) into action

  • Reduce potential negative reviews or losing a customer
  • Communicate with active customers and develop a relationship of value
  • Illustrate your dedication to customer success


Ticketing is vital in support and customer service efforts as your company grows. A Help Desk or ticketing system will help customer service teams prioritize their assignments or warranty services to help your customer retention bottom line.

Benefits to adopting a ticketing system for your built environment company include:

Increased Professionalism: Ticketing shows your customers that you take customer service seriously and invest in accountability and support efforts.

Tips for great customer service in the digital age

Problem Tracking Record: With ticketing or help desk software, you can track your cases with priority and your employees' efforts to problem solve.

One Source of Truth: No longer rely on word of mouth or paper service tickets. Keep your support tickets centralized for search, archive, and reference

Consolidated Communication: Ticketing systems allow a clear conversation thread which will factor in fewer missed details, more flexibility in internal support, and a faster resolution. 

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