Maximize your Hubspot investment with Illumine8.

You invested in HubSpot for your company to make the most of your CRM. You didn’t anticipate the time and expertise it takes to keep your HubSpot software in tip-top shape. At Illumine8, we are proud to be HubSpot experts, so leave the maintenance to us. We’re a Gold HubSpot Solutions Partner and HubSpot Partner Impact Award winners, and our team maintains the latest HubSpot Academy certifications (so you don’t have to).

Unlock your HubSpot’s growth potential

HubSpot is more than just a CRM or marketing software. HubSpot is the heart of your tech stack. Our approach isn’t just tactical implementation - it's been perfected over the last ten years and hundreds of customers. We don’t just know HubSpot software. We know how to configure your HubSpot software for success, so you get the greatest ROI from your investment. 

Benefits of partnering with Illumine8 with a HubSpot Managed Services Agreement

  • Portal Audits
  • Data management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Support Ticketing
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports
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Portal Audit
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Data Management
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Expert Recommendations
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Support Ticketing
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Custom Reports

Portal Audit

If you have recently inherited a HubSpot portal or are looking for a comprehensive review of a portal you’ve managed for a long time, the Illumine8 portal audit is a great place to start. A portal audit is designed to review your portal for best practices and identify errors and recommendations to improve the performance of your data. Following the audit, you will have a clear assessment of your portal’s performance and a roadmap of recommendations to keep it in tip-top shape.

Benefits of HubSpot Portal Audits Include: 

Data security and best practices: Keeping up with data security and privacy laws can be time-consuming. The Illumine8 portal audit reviews your HubSpot CRM for data best practices and makes recommendations to shore up any vulnerabilities.


Technology Stack Audit: Definition + an exercise plan for bloated software systems

Less manual time spent = more data insights: Instead of manually compiling lists or scheduling internal messages, Illumine8’s portal audit can identify automation opportunities in your HubSpot portal to keep your data clean and contacts segmented.

Implement powerful but lesser-known features: It’s often quoted that customers only use 20% of the features in the software they purchased. Tap into the power of the 80% of HubSpot you are not using. Portal audits include identifying software features in each hub that you can leverage for growth.

Roadmap for RevOps: The basis of all successful implementations of revenue operations in your business starts with a deep understanding of your technology stack. The portal audit gives you a comprehensive look at the role of your HubSpot portal hubs as they relate to your business's marketing, sales, and operations functions.


Data Management

Drowning in data? Your HubSpot portal is a powerful tool to help you originate and organize your first-party data. However, the insights you gain are only as good as the data in your system. With Illumine8’s HubSpot managed services, you spend more time acting on data insights and less time dealing with data hygiene.

Benefits of ongoing data management include:

Monthly data hygiene reviews. Stay on top of your data’s health. Identify incomplete contact records, merge duplicates automatically, take action on recently unengaged contacts and remove inactive contact records to keep your CRM running fast and lean.


How to prepare your data for a new CRM

Quarterly data performance reports. Did you know on average, a quarter of your contact database turns over every year? Like your annual check-up, performance reports give insight into your data performance trends. How many new contacts have you gained and lost? What percentage of your contacts are accurate and engaged vs. disengaged or aged? These insights and more help you plan not just your HubSpot contract renewal but also give you insight into your marketing and sales results.



Just like a race car, your HubSpot portal needs occasional pit stops to fine-tune the machine to keep performing its best. Refrain from refueling or changing tires too late can be costly later. Instead of trying to keep up with the latest improvements to the HubSpot software in addition to your daily to-do list, let our experts be your pit crew. 

Why preventive maintenance is critical to strong HubSpot portal performance:

Planning vs. reacting: Websites and data best practices change constantly. Our experts alert you to challenges before they become requirements so you can plan resources now instead of paying rush charges later. If you wonder about your website’s accessibility performance or meeting data privacy requirements - you are not alone.


How data accuracy costs you $1.8 trillion a year [and how to fix it]

Take advantage of new software features: HubSpot releases over 100 new features and updates yearly - that’s a lot to stay on top of. Our experts not only stay on top of new HubSpot releases but fine-tune your portal as they become available to take advantage of the latest your software subscription has to offer to help maximize the ROI of your investment.

Plan for the future: Don’t be caught off guard again by your HubSpot renewal. Because our team has a deep day-to-day working knowledge of your portal, we can review your portal usage and make recommendations for your renewal that reflect your actual portal usage and future business goals.


Expert Reccomendations

So that you know – only those who have a deep knowledge of HubSpot and your business can provide expert insight into how to fine-tune your portal for optimum performance. Our strategy first approach considers your business goals and current Hubspot portal uses in the context of your day-to-day operations. This results in tailored recommendations specific to your business, not another tactical playbook. 

Expert recommendations can include the following:

  • Customized workflow improvements for better marketing automation

How digital automation saves real estate investment firm employees hundreds of hours per year

  • Sales pipeline customizations to reduce administrative tasks
  • Reports and dashboards that reveal deeper data insights
  • Contact and company record suggestions to reduce repetitive tasks

Support Ticketing

Ever wish you had HubSpot support on speed dial? With Illumine8 HubSpot managed services, you do. Submit a ticket or schedule a one-on-one with our experts to look into your HubSpot question.

Support ticketing for HubSpot includes:

  • The ticketing system is available 24-7-365 to submit your question and track the progress of your solution

What is the new HubSpot Service Hub?

  • Your one-on-one scheduling link with one of our HubSpot experts to book up to 30 minutes to review your question or HubSpot issue
  • Issue escalation required? Illumine8 will stay with you as we work directly with Hubspot to solve technical issues

Custom Reports and Dashboards

All data and no dashboards take the impact out of your HubSpot portal. Let Illumine8 customize your dashboards and reports to show meaningful data to your management, marketing, sales, and operations teams.

Custom dashboard and reports include:

  • Configuration of custom reports based on your business needs

Race to RevOps

  • Custom dashboard creation for your different teams showing them data that is meaningful to them
  • Emphasis on a single source of truth in your data - no more arguments between teams using disparate data sources

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