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You may ask whether your window or door distribution company needs to invest time and resources into a social media strategy. The truth is that it's a beneficial marketing tool for your company if you use it correctly.

Social media is an excellent tool for your sales team to connect with potential customers and other relationships by building a social media following. With such a competitive market, your window or door company can build trust with your target audience by sharing informative and engaging content to outperform competitors. 

Crystal Window & Door Systems out of New York is an excellent example of a company using social media strategies to grow and engage others with its brand. Through their Facebook and YouTube, they humanize their company and become a resource for their customers and customers-to-be.

You can achieve similar content and results, but you must consider two crucial deciding factors when creating channels for your window or door distribution business.

The first is if your team has the time and talent to maintain a social media presence. This doesn't mean posting a single photo on Facebook every other week. Instead, using social media correctly means quality content, consistent posting, and regular engagement.

The next step is choosing which social media platforms to create accounts on. This takes research, as it depends on who your buyer personas are and which social media accounts they use. Posting on Twitter wastes time if your target audience doesn't have Twitter.

After you commit to using social media and research which platforms work best, try these easy social media strategies that help your window and door distribution business:

1. Create a posting schedule.

Buffer states that a social media schedule "also allows you to create content in advance when you have the big picture of when everything is meant to go out. And this can help you mitigate the risk of mistakes by allowing you to review content ahead of time."

When formulating a posting schedule, determine the frequency to aim for on each platform. Also, calculate the variety of content to post. For example, posting contact information daily on Facebook causes your audience to tune out. Keep them engaged by posting different kinds of content from day to day.

Also, not all social media platforms are the same. They have different audience demographics and unique best practices for posting. Could you cater your frequency, tone, and content to the platform?

2. Promote your services.

You are the best at what you do, but sometimes articulating as such needs to be revised. Instead, you can go back to basics, outline your services, and create content around those topics.

As only some people know what goes on at a window or door distribution company or in the installation process, once the product is received, you can use social media to showcase your services and bring your company new business.

3. Show off your work.

We know it is challenging to be in the spotlight, but encourage your crew to snap pictures of their job's before and after. Have an incentive for content from the field that develops the habit for your team.

You can tell your audience that your company is the best resource for windows or doors, but showing them why is more effective for your reputation. Posting these photos, updates, and project summaries helps keep your audience aware of your company's abilities. It also shows off your team's skills in the industry.

Regarding their YouTube Channel, Crystal Window and Door Systems told Window+Door, the official publication of the National Glass Association, "We developed a couple of videos a while ago to serve as in-house training tools for our after-service team. They proved very helpful, so we decided to test them with some of our window installer customers. The feedback encouraged us to make them readily available for all our trade customers."

After developing a list of situations they felt could be handled with instructional videos, they created a series for customer "how-to" that has dramatically reduced their service calls. In addition, the videos serve as content and a way to add credibility to Crystal Window and Door Systems' brand. 

While a robust YouTube campaign is a great goal, you could start by using quick mobile phone videos or photos. Then, dedicate entire posts to explain and show pictures of specific services and processes. This educates your audience on the process. It also keeps you top-of-mind when they need those services.

4. Become a thought leader.

A thought leader is an authority on a specific subject. Could you share updates about your company to give you credibility in the window and door field? Please share industry news, articles, and best practices to boost your credibility. This helps your social media account develop a wider following.

Research reliable sources for curated content, including trade magazines, news websites, and industry reports. You can track what these sources publish and create relevant content your audience would enjoy reading.

5. Attract and React to Reviews.

One part of social media that you should consider is the option for customers to leave reviews. Potential customers looking for a window or door supplier turn to Google, Facebook, and Angie's List for reviews and ratings. Reviews are great for your company -- when they're positive, but negative reviews can happen.

One Rule of Thumb to implement when dealing with positive or negative reviews is always to respond. A thumbs-up campaign increases the number of positive reviews on your pages. This also increases your star rating. Encourage past and current customers to leave reviews and offer an incentive for even more engagement.

For example, a gift card drawing for all who leave a review that quarter.

Social media is an excellent opportunity for your window or door distribution company. This is especially true if you're willing to research and implement the right strategy.

Need more guidance on marketing your company? Check out our areas of expertise, and feel free to reach out.

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