5 ways to integrate video into your marketing program

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Video. Everyone is talking about video. Facebook Live. Snapchat. Vlogs. The list goes on and on. Marketing pundits across the globe are yawping across the rooftops of the world, "Without video, your marketing plan will fail..."

Video. Video. Video. All the time. Everywhere. Now, how do you get in on the action?

All month Illumine8 will be offering you tips, tricks and ideas for how you can build video into your marketing program even if you have a limited budget, basic equipment and no video-guru on staff.

Whether you use your phone, free editing software or borrow someone's video equipment, we all have to start somewhere. So why not start right here, by reading this blog?

So, let's get this started. Here are 5 Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Program:

1. Create a YouTube Channel for Your Business

You need a place to house your future library of video masterpieces, right? Build a YouTube channel branded for your business and start building a following. Watch this video to learn more.

2. Create Short Form, How-To Videos

Let's be clear: for videos to have an impact, they don't need to be long. In fact, short form videos that deliver useful information for your audience will often perform better. 

Once you learn the basics of shooting these (keep an eye out for some DIY video tips from us over the next few weeks), you can shoot them in bulk, 4 or 5 at a time and post them on a regular cadence. 

Here's something to chew on thanks to our friends at Forbes:

By 2018, mobile video will represent 69% of all mobile traffic, which is an increase from 53% in 2013. Last year, users watched about two hours of video per month on their mobile phones. 

Or this from Google:

"How to” searches on YouTube are up 70% year-over-year. 

Check out one of our short form videos here to get as sense of what we're recommending.

3. Develop Testimonial Videos

Instead of a static quote on the side bar of your website, ask a few of your most loyal brand champions to star in a testimonial video. Again, these should be short and sweet. Seeing the person speak complimentary words about your business or a project will resonate and have far greater impact than just a quote on a web page.

4. Customer-and Client-Generated Video

Nothing does wonders for a brand like third-party validation. When you or your team says how great you are, people tune out. If your customers or clients say the same thing--and use video to express their support for your brand--they'll tune in.

This might require a little more leg work on your end, but it could be part of phase II of your video strategy. Try holding a contest about your brand and solicit videos from your brand supporters. You'll be surprised how valuable this content can be.

5. Make It Actionable

Your video content needs to be about things that are important to your customers and clients. The content needs to be useful to them and relieve a pain point. Once you've got the messaging figured out, you MUST give the viewer an avenue to take action, to take a next step, whatever that might be given their place in the buyer's journey.

Always, always have a targeted call-to-action (CTA). Otherwise, your video will look great but won't succeed from a business perspective.  

Come back and visit our blog over the next few weeks to get more video tips and access to our video tips eBook that will be released towards the end of April.

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