Building Success: Find Internal Team Alignment at IBS 2024

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IBS 2024 early registration is quickly approaching. And so is your chance to connect and invest in your company's most valuable resource: your people.

Opportunities for Employee Growth at the 2024 NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS), February 24-27

Illumine8 was privileged to attend the record-breaking 2023 NAHB International Builders' Show® and NKBA Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). As details unveil for the 2024 Las Vegas event, it is clear the experience will be just as monumental. 

This prestigious event marks a pivotal opportunity in the residential construction industry. IBS 2024 brings together professionals to connect, learn, and enhance their expertise. Innovators, experts, and enthusiasts worldwide showcase the latest trends, technologies, and ideas. 

Attending IBS 2024 is a wise investment for your team. Your organization values excellence and seeks to create opportunities for participation. Here are the top ways your employees benefit from this remarkable experience.

1. Embracing Technological Advancements: 

IBS underscores the rapid evolution of construction technology, from virtual reality-enhanced project planning to robotics transforming on-site operations. Your employees will be able to witness these breakthroughs firsthand. IBS is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into how such technologies can streamline processes, boost efficiency, and enhance safety. 

Need help implementing your newly discovered workflows and tech advancements? Illumine8 can assist your team in evaluating the best options for your built environment business. We review your current programs and audit your tech stack

2. Professional Development Opportunities: 

At IBS 2024, there are many seminars, workshops, and panels to help your team improve their skills and knowledge.

Experts will provide insights on topics like sustainable construction and project management strategies. This will help your team grow personally and advance in their careers.

The career development opportunities at IBS 2024 will support your internal branding initiatives as you grow and develop your team.  

3. Networking for Success:

IBS served as a hub for networking, enabling your team to connect with fellow professionals, suppliers, and potential collaborators. 

Having meaningful conversations and sharing experiences can open doors to potential partnerships that inspire innovation and drive groundbreaking projects. The contacts made during the event can serve as resources for future endeavors, opening doors to fresh ideas and perspectives.

While IBS networking is beneficial at the moment, genuine relationships develop in the follow-up. Be sure to attend IBS 2024 with a plan for how you will foster the connections you’ve made. Consider email automation follow-up and creating retention newsletters with your contacts in mind. 

4. Fostering Innovation and Creativity:

Innovation is sure to abound at IBS 2024. With the integration of the Start-Up Zone, select companies will unveil groundbreaking solutions to age-old construction challenges. 

2020 brought challenges to the building industry, setting the stage for innovation. Witnessing these innovations and disruptors will spark creative thinking in your employees, pushing the limits of traditional construction methods.

Exposure to cutting-edge concepts can inspire your team to tackle challenges and achieve outstanding outcomes creatively.

5. Exposure to Sustainability Initiatives: 

Given the importance of sustainability today, IBS 2024 highlights eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable construction practices.

Be sure to tour the manufactured products and methods that have proven to be a greener option for new home construction. This will help your employees learn to include sustainability in projects, aligning their work with environmental and social responsibility.  

6. Highlight Team Accomplishments:

The International Builders’ Show features many industry awards to celebrate, honor, and recognize professional excellence throughout the residential construction industry. Using the international builders' show for employee recognition boosts team morale. The event also serves as an excellent PR and marketing for your company and brand.

  • Best in American LivingTM Awards: The BALA Awards bring attention to the most imaginative and skilled experts in the construction field—a great way to celebrate individuals who have reshaped the standards of residential design and neighborhoods. Learn more.
  • Custom Home Builder of the Year Award: A great way to celebrate custom builders who demonstrate innovation, professional leadership, and creativity. Learn More.
  • Remodeling Awards: The Award honors individuals and local remodelers councils for outstanding projects and exceptional service to the remodeling industry. Learn More.
  • The Nationals Awards: Since 1982, The Nationals has honored the finest new-home sales and marketing. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge exceptional accomplishments across various categories. Learn More.
  • Young Professional Awards: The Young Professional Awards recognize individuals under 45 in the building industry who excel. Learn More.

Investing in Internal Team Alignment 

Attending the 2024 International Builders’ Show is a great place to start investing in internal team alignment and growth. Your employees are not just witnesses to change; they may become the driving force. Armed with the knowledge and motivation to shape the future of construction. 

According to LinkedIn Learning, 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if they invested in their careers. Providing education and development opportunities can help reduce turnover by showing your commitment to their long-term success. 

The 2024 International Builders Show is an event and a great experience for your employees. From embracing technology to fostering innovation and networking, the benefits of their participation are endless. 

Internal team alignment will reduce business friction and increase construction business profits. Rely on Illumine8 to help make this happen. Our experience in Revenue Operations,  including as internal team alignment in the built environment, will help your brand thrive. 

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