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It is almost showtime for the 2023 NAHB International Builders Show® (IBS) in Vegas. If you are in operations or leadership in the residential construction business, attending the show grants you the "essential industry experience." 

With market shifts and disruptor industries turning towards housing, the International Builders' Show brings live, hands-on applications and real-world demonstrations under one (neon) roof to help your building business thrive. Illumine8 is excited to see you there and report on new products, operations, technology, and trends your team can utilize in 2023 and beyond.

Here are four trends we're keeping a steady eye on for your 2023 homebuilding operations strategy:

New Start-Ups

With Shark Tank Fever and the guaranteed exposure at the International Builders' Show, the number one place to see innovation at work is the IBS Start-Up Zone. In the Start-Up Zone, 20 selected companies will be on the floor, seeking mass exposure to start their innovative industry products and service solutions. As the key to any industry start-up is identifying a problem to solve, the services and products introduced at the 2023 IBS Law Vegas Show could gain traction and become a key to your building operations. Giving your internal team the tools they need to do the job accurately, efficiently, and quickly could transform your business with just one visit to the 2023 IBS Vegas Start-Up Zone. 

Check out the Builders Show Blog for a glimpse into the companies, what they do and what they have to offer the industry.

New Products

Like the Start-Up Zone, the curated New Product Zone is new for IBS 2023 and is one of the most popular spaces on the show floor. Here you will be at the cutting edge of new products for your home building customers they don't even know they want yet.  ProBuilder states the New Product Zone and Start-Up Zone serves "as an incubator for businesses entering the residential construction market."  Be sure to swing by these areas for a first look at technologies and products that could one day have a significant impact on the industry.  As only 75 products are selected for the New Product Zone, it's the perfect opportunity to make connections and see potential trends.

New Home Designs

One of the most impactful opportunities for education and operations enrichment is touring The New American Home® 2023 (TNAH) at the NAHB International Builders' Show. Despite the challenges of all-too-common product and labor availability, the team went to great lengths to deliver this innovative home on time and with stunning success. The Home boasts 7,575 square feet and encapsulates endless innovative features and products, showing the progress of the building industry and technology. Special design considerations were taken to incorporate the views, landscape, and outdoor living features and utilize the topography to its advantage - if only we could jump in the infinity-edge pool! 

Also on display at the International Builders' Show is the ProBuilder Show Village. This year, the select builders will build five onsite homes that "push the boundaries of design and technology."  The five homes are an excellent opportunity to see hands-on applications of new design trends and products. All homes, including a modular cottage, a reimagined manufactured home/ADU combo, and a one-bedroom foldable (yes, foldable!) home, will be open for tours during the show. 

New Perspectives

As shelter construction is one of the world's oldest industries, the past few years' social, political, and economic climate has fueled a mind-shift in how home builders operate and conduct business. As you journey between the show floor and watching the NAHB International Builders' Show demos, be sure to carve out room to attend a Learning Lab.  Learning labs provide a unique opportunity for fast-paced information and interactive sessions on niche topics that may bring new strategic thinking to your construction and home-building business.

This year's topics include:

  • New Products and Technologies
  • Alternative and supplements to stick-built construction
  • Home Technology
  • Innovation in home building
  • Social media, digital marketing, and online sales
  • Exploring buyer demographics
  • Technology solution for design and construction

This year's International Builders' Show is staged to be one of the biggest shows in years.  Approaching your show experience with your operations and internal team in mind is the best advantage to gaining expertise in your field that will serve you throughout the year. Staying in the know of the latest trends and educational opportunities through NAHB and sharing with your operations team for internal business success may be vital to your growth.  The show is vast; to experience it all in just three days requires planning and some hustle. Check out the IBS Preshow Planner and download the show app, which includes a schedule and map. 

Here at Illumine8, we're curious to hear where you think the industry is heading in 2023. Are you heading to NAHB's International Builders' Show this year? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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