Illumine8 wins two gold 2021 MarCom Awards

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Website redesigns by Illumine8 for Kenwood Management and Cochran & Mann received wins in the 2021 MarCom Awards. Both projects were recognized with a gold MarCom Award for their creativity and resourcefulness.

The MarCom Awards is an international competition for communication and marketing professionals. Since their inception, they’ve evolved as a well-respected creative competition with the goal of “honor[ing] excellence in marketing and communication while recognizing the creativity, hard work and generosity of industry professionals.”

Illumine8 is honored to receive recognition for these recent website projects on behalf of their partners Kenwood Management and Cochran & Mann. Illumine8 is a revenue operations company that helps B2B firms create value by aligning marketing, sales and operational functions of their businesses. 

Kenwood Management Website Homepage Redesign

The Illumine8 team partners with Kenwood Management, a real estate investment and management company, to update and modernize their website to improve user experience and further establish Kenwood’s brand. Kenwood is on a mission to go beyond the purely transactional nature of tenant-landlord relationships by adding value for their customers. Together with Illumine8, Kenwood has created the “Kenwood Community” concept that encompasses investor and small business education and connection opportunities such as webinars, articles, videos and more.

To create a more personalized experience for Kenwood’s customers and to better understand how the website can deliver value, Illumine8 leveraged marketing automation via smart content on the HubSpot CMS. Smart content is also known as “adaptive” or “dynamic” content. It’s a feature in HubSpot that allows marketers to customize aspects of a website or email based on the known interests of the viewer. The Illumine8 team developed a dynamic homepage for Kenwood that shows users relevant information based on audience segmentation. In Kenwood’s case, this means that visitors who are tenants and visitors who are investors receive different customized experiences on the same page.

With this new website, Kenwood’s community is able to find relevant information and content, which in turn boosts how long viewers remain on the site. This new homepage experience has created 177% website traffic growth year over year since launch.

Cochran & Mann Website Redesign

Cochran & Mann, an award-winning commercial painting and wallcovering company, recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. Illumine8 helped celebrate the company’s three decades of success with a 12-month campaign that included an updated homepage, new content and 30th anniversary branding.

The Illumine8 team applied smart content automation to the homepage to provide a better user experience and increase conversions and engagement. The smart content on the homepage changes based on audience segmentation such as unknown visitors, property management industry visitors, construction visitors or both industries. This allows Cochran & Mann to provide a customized experience that offers visitors relevant information based on industry type.

Partnering with Cochran & Mann, Illumine8 also worked throughout the year to consistently update the website with 30th anniversary content that highlighted the experience and lessons they’ve gained since the company’s founding. This content included articles, resources and blog posts that focused on the core values that Cochran & Mann had practiced over 30 years such as giving back to the community, providing quality services and painting with passion. Illumine8 also updated the project gallery, which explores some of the beautiful buildings Cochran & Mann has completed. The website was also updated with special 30th anniversary branding.

"Anniversary logo design is a fascinating subset of branding,” said Illumine8 Creative Manager Erik Pitzer. “I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Cochran & Mann team to refresh their visual identity and commemorate the impressive milestone."

Congratulations to Kenwood and Cochran & Mann for their MarCom wins. If you want to view more award-winning work or learn more about  Revenue Operations for your company, connect with Illumine8

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