Marketing Monday Q&A: Real estate edition

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This episode of Monday Marketing Q&A covers marketing in an industry close to the heart of Illumine8: Real estate marketing. In case you didn’t know, real estate marketing happens to be our CMO, Christina May’s wheelhouse due to her ample experience in the industry.

If you’re looking to increase traffic, interest and leads for your real estate property, read through our recap and watch the full video from Facebook Live, here:

Question 1: How do I increase traffic and interest in my real estate property?

CMay: Aim to get people to stop by.

Whether you’re a new home builder or a realtor, you know it’s all about generating traffic. You not only want eyes on your website, viewing your property pages, but also as many feet in the door as possible, literally. You want to make prospects interested enough to come see your available property in person.

We’ve all heard the real estate mantra: “location, location, location” but not all properties are going to be ideally located. When this is the case, how do you get potential buyers in the door?

If you happen to have multiple properties, start by marketing at another similar property with a lot of foot traffic. Not everyone who walks in the door will be a perfect fit for that property, but offering a similar alternative property could pique their interest and encourage them to visit your other property.

Give people a reason to stop by. Borrow a hack from the tourism industry and market your property’s location as an experience. Offer an event like an open house, home tour, educational seminar, or parade of homes to encourage traffic and give people an excuse to stop by. Hopefully, the right pair of feet will walk through the door.

Question 2: Does traditional marketing still work for real estate clients?

CMay: Yes.

Signs, banners, flyers, brochures, and business cards are still helpful marketing tools in 2018, but they do not do the job entirely on their own. The same can be said for digital marketing efforts. There are certain areas where the industry has not made the digital switch just yet, so a balance of physical materials as well as digital materials is necessary. In the real estate industry, people need something they can hold in their hands or spread out on their kitchen table, whether this be brochures, business cards, floor plans, or flyers. You should, however, reserve these print materials for qualified prospects.

Question 3: Can I integrate traditional marketing tactics and digital together?

CMay: You can, and you should.

Potential buyers and prospects would like to see extensive floor plans online, and also hold them in their hands, or lay them out on a table to compare them directly to other floor plans. The can have a deeper experience online, if you provide that for them, through virtual tours, interactive community plans, and other information. Balancing both traditional marketing methods and digital materials is key.

If you’re on the resale side of the industry, you should aim to keep prospects looking at your listings, or at your community if you’re a developer, or house plans if you’re a home builder. Each area of the industry is a bit different, but combining interactive digital experiences like testimonials, videos, and virtual tours, with traditional marketing is a wise endeavor.

You must make sure your branding is carried over through both and that it is done well across all platforms. If you’re involved in the resale side of the industry, be aware of how your print and digital marketing materials compare to the competition, since the information is being directly compared to other, competing properties.

Also keep in mind that you can offer a better experience to prospects than competing resale websites like Zillow. Make sure potential buyers know this to ensure they choose your company over them.

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