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As marketers, we know that inbound marketing is ever-changing, from new technological updates and different strategies to what’s trending on Twitter. Room for growth and improvement is always available in this industry, which is why it’s important to take every opportunity to learn more.

Social media is a great place to stay updated on inbound marketing. With easy (and free) access to top marketers, news, and content, it’s made for eager marketers. Following the right accounts provides insights, updates, and a good dose of daily inspiration.

Here’s our list of top ten social media accounts that you should follow:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re searching for motivation, Gary is the right guy to follow. From playlists and marketing tips on Twitter to inspirational graphics on Instagram to his #DailyVee Facebook video series, Gary covers it all. With a variety of experience under his belt, his posts drive you to go further as a marketer (and in life).

  2. HARO. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s an awesome resource for reporters and marketers alike. For marketers, it’s an easy way to find media opportunities for your content without sending hundreds of emails to reporters.

    When you join HARO, you receive regular emails with inquiries, but HARO’s Twitter posts urgent inquiries throughout the day. If an inquiry catches your eye, submit a response before the deadline to be featured in a major publication.

  3. Jeff Bullas. Named the No. 1 Global Content Marketing Influencer of 2018, Jeff is a content marketing expert who saw the true potential of social media and capitalized on it. He built his company from the ground up using marketing tactics. If you’re searching for quick reads, actionable marketing tips, and informative articles, give his Twitter and Facebook a follow.

  4. HubSpot. As a leader in inbound marketing and sales, HubSpot’s expertise lies in creating valuable content for all marketers. From quick, entertaining, and informative videos on Facebook to an expertly curated Instagram (complete with educational Instagram stories) to just about everything on Twitter, HubSpot is worth the follow -- even if your company isn’t a HubSpot Agency Partner. You’re definitely (in)bound to learn something.

  5. Neil Patel. As an influential author, influencer, and entrepreneur, Neil is a top resource for marketers of all levels. With a focus on growth and ROI, Neil offers content that helps with everything, from Google Analytics to the Instagram algorithm. With quick Q&A-style videos on Facebook and more 101-level content on YouTube, Neil gives actionable steps for you to take toward your goals.

  6. Ann Handley. Ann is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a marketing training and education company with more than 600,000 subscribers. She seeks to inspire and empower you to achieve tangible results through a strong content marketing strategy, starting with inspiration and guidance over Twitter and Facebook. She also shares relatable personal content over Instagram.

  7. Mark Schaefer. Mark is an author with one of the world’s leading marketing blogs. He shares easy-to-digest content for growing and keeping a social media presence, as well as thought-provoking articles and personal updates on Facebook. His Twitter regularly has quick links to articles that you can peruse during your lunch break. If you keep a Pinterest board of marketing tips and tricks, give Mark’s a follow.

  8. Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Whether you’re new to the marketing game or have been in the industry for awhile, you’re always looking for ways to improve your content. Following CMI help you do just that, as the organization specializes in marketing education and training. They have a wealth of daily content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, including content offers, engaging posts, and information about upcoming events, like their Content Marketing World Conference and Expo.

  9. Simon Sinek. Best-selling author of Start With Why, Simon places value on purpose and finding inspiration for and in your work. He shares educational content and quick, inspirational #SimonSays videos on Facebook and YouTube, as well as thought-provoking quotes on Instagram to keep you ruminating throughout the day.

  10. Illumine8 Marketing & PR. This one is obvious. Our team of content writers and inbound marketers spends a lot of time learning, working, and sharing our knowledge. We post regular informational updates on Facebook and Twitter that teach you about inbound marketing, public relations, and technology for marketers.

    We also have weekly live video broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube that are great for all marketers. Our Instagram includes photos from our gorgeous location in Downtown Frederick, Maryland; new content promos; and actionable tips over Stories. Go ahead and give us a follow to stay up to date.

Did you know any accounts that should be on this list? Let us know! Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn or give us a follow to stay updated on blogs, upcoming video broadcasts, office updates, and more.

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