5 reasons your remodeling website needs a remodel

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If you’re in the contracting or remodeling industry, check out the top reasons your website might need more attention than the latest house you’re remodeling. If you agree with any of them, it's time to remodel.

Your website looks like a house before it was remodeled.

A website in the remodeling industry should be a portfolio. Because you complete home remodels often, it’s important to consistently post high quality pictures and videos on your website. Show off your hard work, because your next client is going to check out your website before they even meet you!

If someone looked at your website right now, would it show off what you can do? No? Remodel.

It’s not secure.

Most freshly remodeled houses have an alarm system—or at least some locks on the doors and windows—to make the homeowners feel secure in their new and improved home. Your website should feel safe for visitors, too.

If you want your website visitors to trust your site, just as you want homeowners to feel safe in their home, use HTTPS. If your website isn’t secured or protected, it ruins your search ranking. Search engines show only the best and most secure sites on the front page.

Your website isn’t on the first page of Google.

Just like a house needs a fresh coat of paint or a wall knocked down to open up space, your website needs work if you can’t find it on the first page of a search engine. The best websites are on the first page of a search engine, because they have optimized SEO techniques and content.

The more optimized your website is, the faster it responds and the higher it appears in search rankings. You gain more search traffic and more contracting business by simply optimizing your website.

Your website isn’t adaptable.

Why do people remodel their homes? It’s outdated, doesn’t fit their needs, or is falling apart or in need of modifications. Sometimes, people want to revamp their space.

A home adapts and changes with its homeowner, just as a remodeling website should with industry trends. For example, most people today use their mobile phones to surf the web, so it’s important that your website is easily navigable on any screen size. It should be mobile-friendly and adapt/change to whatever screen size the viewer has.

Business hasn’t been so busy.

People remodel fixer-upper homes and make a profit by selling the newly transformed home for a higher price than they bought it for. They do that because they created more value using additions and changes. They made an investment.

A website drives sales upward, but you have to utilize it properly. Just like a fixer upper, your website eventually pays for itself. Start with blogging, a very important aspect to your remodeling website. Blog about a topic in the remodeling industry to build thought leadership, establish trust and authority, and drive more traffic.

In short, your remodeling website pays for itself if you simply make improvements and modifications that add value. Over time, an increase in business will occur because of your new remodeled website, which will surpass whatever expense it took to remodel in the first place.

Long story short, having an amazing remodeling website is an investment in your business and its future. Never stop remodeling, refurbishing, or readjusting whatever you can improve, whether it’s a house or your professional website.

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