Building the 100-year company

This type of stability is born from strong leadership, steadfast values, and strong brand positioning.

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How to develop a sound segmentation, targeting and positioning model

To market effectively and efficiently, companies need to know their customer ...

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How to build your target audience to improve marketing segmentation

A highly tailored and personalized approach to reaching a target audience with the ...

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Improving customer experience by executing internal marketing strategy

Businesses, including smaller, family-run operations, can develop tunnel vision when ...

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Illumine8 recognized for coveted Summit Emerging Media Award

Illumine8 has earned a coveted international award for the redesign of its company ...

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Talent attraction and retention key to Illumine8's continued success

As the competition for talent acquisition has increased, more and more companies are ...

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Illumine8 wins silver W³ award for web design

Illumine8 has been presented with a second international award for the design of ...

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Illumine8 wins platinum award for print media in global competition

Illumine8 recently won an international MarCom print media award for the design of ...

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Illumine8 earns two international digital media awards

Illumine8 has been recognized for excellence in digital media, winning two ...

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