Marketing and Revops for Builders

RevOps for Builders, Developers, and Contractors

Digital marketing and revenue generation can feel like a feast or famine for developers, builders, and contractors. From the long land development process to the shorter sales cycle for home builders and contractors, digital marketing and sales alignment plays a critical role in optimizing lead conversion and customer communications. The real estate sales cycle has wholly transformed. Is your company matching customer expectations with on-demand virtual tours, contactless appointments, and immersive home buying experiences? Has your contracting company kept pace with tracking and following up on bids and proposals, or are you leaving money on the table?
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Digital marketing for modern home developers and builders

Our expertise in developing and building new construction homes translates into turn-key solutions that help developers and builders establish digital demand for new communities, manage ongoing digital marketing efforts, and create exceptional customer experiences. Align your lead generation strategy with your building process in a way that is measurable and meaningful to customers with RevOps.

Marketing, sales, and service alignment for contractors

No estimator or project manager likes to answer RFPs that go nowhere or continually re-bid projects only to come up short of winning. The key to higher quality RFPs is to keep your contracting company top of mind while managing the bid and RFP process. RevOps brings your CRM and proposals data together into an integrated system that helps track incoming RFPs, rank opportunities, automate follow up and close more deals. Armed with data that defines your ideal RFP, you can target existing and new customers to increase the quality of your RFPs, no matter if you are a commercial or residential contractor. 

"Companies with RevOps functions typically see 19% faster growth and 15% more profits."

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Building Success: Featured Case Studies

We love to build. Scale your business by aligning your people, processes, and technology. Build your digital marketing strategy, grow through automation and expand with RevOps. View our case studies and learn how we were able to make a lasting impact and drive growth for our clients.

Builder Marketing Case Study

New Home Builder nets 442% lead increase with marketing automation

Illumine8 helped the developer and builders of this PUD build an automated sales lead generation campaign by mapping their buyer's journey to automatically send qualified sales leads to the sales team. This increased both efficiencies, follow-up, and qualified buyers by 442% over six weeks.


Painting & wallcovering contractor reaps rewards from new website

Learn how Illumine8 helped this commercial painting contractor leverage digital marketing to strengthen their brand messaging and stay top of mind.

“What I find interesting and fun about what Illumine8 brings to us is they'll come up with a good idea at first, like updating our website. Then, out of the blue, they surprise me and say, ‘Oh no, there's more you can do’. Or even ‘have you thought about doing this?’”

- Bill Singer, Principal, Kenwood Management Company

Types of Engagements

Growing manufacturing companies in and who support the building industry partner with Illumine8 to leverage revenue operations in the following engagements:


Building your RevOps Foundation

Our team will work with you to focus on foundational revenue operations functions required for every business to scale. Foundational revenue operations include digital marketing, CRM, inbound marketing, goal setting, and benchmarking.


Growing with RevOps Automation

Revenue operations automation leverages a technology audit to review your processes from a profit and customer experience perspective. We discover efficiencies and codify best practices for marketing, sales, and operational automation.


Expanding profits with RevOps

Achieving organizational alignment with revenue operations accelerates a cycle of value generation. We accelerate goal to customer alignment with real-time custom dashboards giving you transparency to all activities contributing ROI.

We are a revenue operations firm for businesses that support the building industry: manufacturers, distributors, builders, and real estate management services.

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