RevOps Foundation: Marketing

Build the foundation for revenue operations with the right marketing strategy

You don’t need to be sold on why marketing is important. It’s one of the first questions asked of every business: how are you going to attract new customers? And, to add to that, how are you going to measure your results and define success? Marketing without a firm footing and a solid plan in place is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. There’s no tangible reward and certainly no return on investment.

Your formula for a winning marketing strategy begins with establishing foundational elements and building on data. From engaging content to a creative and dynamic website that converts visitors into customers to video marketing that captures attention, every aspect works together to increase revenue and boost growth, and the analytics prove it. 78% of Internet users conduct product research online before making a purchase. What story are you telling?

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Put your answer to customer problems right in front of them.

Website Development & Design
Website Development & Design

Modernize your website to establish trust and convert leads into loyal customers.

SEO Content Strategy
SEO Content Strategy

Create highly optimized web content that provides dividends for years to come.

Search Marketing
Search Marketing

Reach highly qualified leads through analytical and data driven ad strategies.

Build your foundation for unparalleled growth

Marketing focuses on foundational elements that are required for every business to scale.

Results Driven Growth

Performance Benchmarking & Goal Setting

Work toward your goals with transparency and accountability. After a thorough review of your organizational key performance indicators, our team will work with you to create growth plans, milestones, and measurable, tangible results. Consider us your partner in growth.

Data-Driven Content Strategy

Discover your ideal customer

Figure out the motivation and action inspirations of your ideal customer with our buyer persona development process. Digging into the psychological and emotional profile of any target market provides insight into driving factors in the decision making process. Illumine8 will partner with you to build comprehensive and thorough personas that will provide the jumping off point for future marketing campaigns.

Drive More Conversions

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Targeted lead generation and nurturing campaigns are proven to increase revenue, build brand recognition, and drive conversions. Our strategy is simple: bring the visitor to you with captivating content, inspire them to act, and nurture them through the sales funnel with drip campaigns and automation.

Increase Revenue

Upsell and engage with existing customers

You’ve already won their business, but the engagement shouldn’t end there. Our approach focuses just as much on your existing customers as it does your prospective ones. By creating dynamic content specific to existing customers, you have the opportunity to upsell your products and services, expand your relationships, and engage with them in new ways.

Schedule Your Business Review

The Business Review allows us to dive deeper into your business and help you identify areas to grow. This 30-minute session is designed to give you an actionable plan to begin your growth plan.

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