The new frontier in marketing, sales, and operations technology

Your company is probably spending way too much time on projects and operational tasks that could be strategically automated while still maintaining control, engaging with your customers, and growing your business.

Automation doesn’t replace the human aspects that make your company what it is, but it does work to simplify your processes and streamline your efforts while providing ample reporting to continually refine and improve.

Whether you’re struggling with financial systems, human resources, marketing or sales, automating key business tasks and technologies can drastically improve your business. Gone are the days of manual entry and laboring through task after task. Instead, systems and processes can be set up to intuitively and responsively react to certain rules and logics to simplify your work. Stop sending email after email and automate your communications.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Deliver your marketing across multiple channels to maximize revenue.

Sales Lead Automation
Sales Lead Automation

Intuitive workflows and smart content that drip information to your leads in a natural way.

Operations Automation
Operations Automation

Every department can benefit from automating repetitive tasks.

Customized Automation Solutions
Customized Automation Solutions

Automation logic and integrations that are customized for your tech stack.

Benefits of investing in automated business solutions

Streamline your systems to increase efficiency, revenue, and opportunities.

Automate your systems and processes

Illumine8 creates custom-tailored automated solutions for your business

What if we told you that we could provide your business with an employee who never makes a mistake, doesn’t ask for a salary or hourly wage, and works 24/7, 365 days a year without getting tired? That’s exactly what your business receives by leveraging advanced automated solutions custom built by our team of industry experts.

Automate your sales process

Move leads through your sales process with automated ease

Illumine8 can build automated solutions to enhance and build upon the systems and processes that already exist in the department. From the beginning of the pipeline with lead scoring to the end of the pipeline with a closed won deal, we can create seamless digital sales experiences for both your internal staff and external customers.

Analyze. Revise. Repeat.

Transparent and meaningful reporting for continual improvement

Automation is a science. It requires a hypothesis, an experiment, and adjustments along the way. Using an analytical approach to automation projects, our team is able to collect data and analyze marketing and sales performance for continual improvements towards a perfect automated system. The best part, at any time you can see the fruits of your automation with custom dashboards that focus on transparent reporting. Illumine8’s reporting and analytics drive everything we do, and we provide access to those same reports for our clients.

Hands-on automation training and support

Our automation experts will be by your side every step of the way

When you start an automation project with Illumine8, your business will receive exclusive access to our team of automation experts. This includes frequent meetings, blueprints and workflow mapping, hands-on training with your team, and any additional follow-up support.

Schedule Your Business Review

The Business Review allows us to dive deeper into your business and help you identify areas to grow. This 30-minute session is designed to give you an actionable plan to begin your growth plan.

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