The ultimate holiday gift guide for clients and colleagues

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It’s our favorite time of year! The holiday gift-giving season. 

Regardless of whether you're shopping for loyal clients, trusted colleagues, or the marketing profession-afflicted, finding a great holiday gift can be a stressful challenge.

Stress no more! Illumine8 Marketing & PR has compiled a great holiday gift guide to help make your search easier. Read on and find the perfect presents for those that make your worklife great.

For The One On-The-Go Getting It Done:


This wondertracker app is ideal for anyone who has to log miles to and from meetings. The adapter plugs in under your dashboard and transmits data, including miles, maintenance notices, and real-time location, to your smartphone. Maximize this app by creating rules with IFFF, such as emailing or texting notices in real time. Best of all - there is no monthly fee.  

Other applications? This little tracker is ideal for tracking company vehicles or a possible gift for the parent of a newly minted driver.

For The One Who Loves Lists:

Amazon Echo Dot

We wrote about how the Internet of Things and Bots are changing the way we search for information as we know it. Help your favorite list maker by adding an Amazon Alexa to their life. Alexa may look more like a hockey-puck than a super-smart voice controlled computer, but good things come in small (robotic) packages. Alexa has myriad “skills” she can learn and the voice recognition is excellent. Skills include:

  • Alexa, add write a blog about gift-giving to my list.
  • Alexa, order a 2017 monthly planner.
  • Alexa, what are the top news stories?
  • Alexa, ask National Day Tracker what's being celebrated today?
  • Alexa, what is on my calendar for tomorrow?

For The One With The Wine:

Wine Wipes

There's nothing worse than walking into a networking event or company holiday party and realizing that red wine wasn’t the wisest choice for your winning smile. Save face, and throw these into your work bag.

For The One That's A Little OCD:

Grid-it Wrap for Macbook Air

Do you organize for airport travel by putting everything in a ziplock bag? Up your travel game and embrace your inner type-A-ness with this handy organizer for all your work gear. After all, your new MacBook Pro requires a few extra dongles now.

Tom Bihn Synapse Backpack

Looking for the perfect backpack? Look no farther. This model is perfect for daily commuting and easily transforms to a weekend day-tripper for hiking or city-sightseeing. The bottom compartment is perfect for cord storage, while the side compartments are great for a digital camera and your phone. The middle compartment holds your travel water bottle upright for the workweek and transforms to hold a camelback on the weekends.


Ever wish you had a remote for something, but alas, the only thing that comes with a remote is your TV? Enter Qblinks, a remote control button that you can program to do anything provided it's possible to do on your phone. Our favorite? Fake a phone call at just the right moment at the click of a button.

Tile App

Has your day ever started with: Who moved my keys… my phone… my wallet…my workbag? Take back control of your belongings (or at least feel more in control) with the Tile app. This handy dandy Bluetooth tracker is ideal for life’s random disappearing acts.

For The One That's Creative:


More than Play-doh, this moldable clay is the perfect fix for small electronic fixes such as cell phone cords. Flexible and cold-resistant, Sugru is available in basic and bright colors, so you can let your inner do-it-yourselfer run wild.

For The One With The Accessorized Desk:

House Tissue Box Cover

No desk during this time of year is complete without a tissue box. Upgrade the not-so-attractive cardboard with this house tissue box cover. Bonus - this blank canvas is screaming for a DIY lover.

Umbra Grassy Organizer, Avocado

The grass is greener on this desk for pins, pencils, and anything else you can imagine.

Bunny Desk Organiser - Scissors and Paper Clips Holder

Because we simply can’t resist this little rabbit’s functional ears and paperclip holder.

For The One With The Coffee

Coffee House Inspired Candle

Bring the smell of your favorite coffee hang-out home with this handmade candle. Enjoy the aroma without the caffeine hangover.

Chemex 6-Cup Coffee Maker

Beautiful, functional, and perfect for making coffee for a group. Bragging rights: This beauty was selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times.

For The One With Four Legs


Ever add your activity tracker to Fido’s collar for added steps? Now, your office pup can track their own with the FitBark. Rugged and waterproof, you can monitor your dogs activity time, sleep, and play time.

Tuffy’s Sea Creatures Dog Toys: Lobster

Tuffy’s lobster is tug-tested and Illumine8’s Lucy-approved.

For The One Who Is Competitive:

The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game

Love games? Show off your copywriting creativity by writing new captions for these New Yorker cartoons.

Logo Board Game

Can you name any logo if you saw it? Put your branding knowledge to the test.

Prime Climb

Love analytics? Crush your creative co-workers by showing off your math skills with Prime Climb. Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first to land both pawns on 101 wins the game.

We hope there's something here for everyone on your list, whether they're naughty or nice. Now, light a coffee candle, pour yourself a nice cup of “Big Ass Mug of Get Sh*t Done,” and embrace the online sales rush!

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