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Christmas comes for inbound marketers not in December but in the fall of each year.

That’s right, the INBOUND Conference is upon us once again.

Part of the Illumine8 team will be making the pilgrimage to Boston for a week of learning, networking and idea sharing next week-and best of all-we'll be sharing all we have learned with you.

So even if you can’t pack your bags for Beantown, you'll find our insights available here as we blog throughout the week, broadcast on Facebook and Instagram Live and even format our own crib notes here for you to download.

So what do we expect to learn next week? Here are our 5 burning questions for Inbound17:

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Going Mainstream Anytime Soon?

OK Google…



These digital assistants have already taken our phones, homes and even closets by storm.

From creating to-do lists, setting calendar entries, playing music or answering basic search engine inquires, these AI-driven devices have found a home in our homes, offices and cars.

What does this mean for the future of SEO? Do you type the same inquiry in your browser that you dictate to a device? At Illumine8, we think that audio is about to change the way we search, for the better.

Let’s see if Inbound agrees at “Voice Search: What's Now. What's New. What's next.”

Is It Really Going to Be the Year of Video...Again?

Every year we hear “this is the year of video." And every year, we're disappointed.

Video has been slow to ignite, but nevertheless, it's gaining momentum in all forms every year. In fact, businesses post an average of 18 videos a month. With the “stories” feature now available on multiple social media platforms, we feel that maybe video is finally having its well-earned day in the sun… or is it?

What Does Facial Recognition Software Mean for Marketers?

When Apple announced facial recognition on the iPhone X last week, the first thing that came to mind to us was what's happening with that data?

Where is it stored?

Does this mean Siri now can use algorithms to detect mood, content and tone based on facial patterns? How can we leverage this data to improve content delivery and customer service? What are the ethics behind this data? If we are speaking keywords and not typing, how does this change SEO?

Obviously, we have so many questions and are anxious to collaborate with our peers to discuss our predictions for this new technology.

Is Email Dope, Dormant or Dead-On-Arrival?

How many times has someone told you that email is dead? Or will be soon?

We know firsthand that email works. In fact 3 billion people (yes, billion with a “b”) will use email by 2020.

Think about how many deals you've closed via email and how many prospects you've nurtured via email versus Facebook, and other social media or chat.

Email is here to stay.

How Are We Leveraging Content Strategy for the Long-term Content Shock Tsunami?

Give content marketing it’s due: Did you know that 92 percent of marketers said their organization views content as a business asset. (Content Marketing Institute)?

Sadly, however, 70 percent of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. (Altimeter).

With the advent of of self-publishing, content shock is a reality that must be addressed strategically. In a world of content overload, how can your content break through and retain your audience's attention?

Your eBook and checklist offers might not be enough now to sustain your inbound marketing strategy. So, where do you turn?

We're looking forward to confirming our suspicions about content shock during CoSchedule’s “content hacking” session.

As we set our sights on #Inbound17, share with us your burning questions on the state of marketing, communications and technology and leave a comment or tune in to our live updates all week long.

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