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Welcome to Built to Market. This straight-talk podcast gives busy entrepreneurs and owners like you a step-by-step actionable marketing strategy to work, grow, and scale your built environment business in 20 minutes or less. 

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New Episodes on Tuesdays.

I'm your host, Christina May, a marketing executive turned entrepreneur. I am obsessed with building business, straight talk, and helping you separate the formulas from the fluff when it comes to marketing and sales.

I started out as a little girl, totally fascinated with my grandfather's electrical contracting business. 10 years as a marketing executive and one MBA later, I founded and bootstrapped my own marketing company over 10 years ago to serve builders, contractors, manufacturers, and distributors just like you.

Whether you build components, distribute materials, are a builder, or a contractor involved in real estate, I believe that the world we build matters. So join me on the Built to Market podcast. New episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays with no fluff, straight talk marketing, and business education for scaling built environment businesses, including actionable takeaways from every single episode.

Occasionally, I'll bring on special guests and friends from your industries and mine to help you grow and scale your business. You can find the built-to-market podcast where you get your favorite podcasts, including Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon, and more. And if you would like to subscribe, you can find us at illumine8. com/podcast.

Remember the world we build matters. If opportunity doesn't knock, you build a door.

Now let's go build opportunities together. This is the built-to-market podcast.

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