New Restaurant Opens in Highly Competitive Market

Content and Social Media Program Leads the Way

Madrones, a new concept, American bar & grill-style restaurant located in Frederick, Maryland, opened in early 2013.

A few months after opening, Madrones partnered with Illumine8 Marketing & PR to generate a steady pipeline of new customers for their flagship Frederick, Maryland, restaurant located in the Clemson Corner shopping center. Illumine8 focused on generating awareness and new customers via a customized marketing & content strategy-including a comprehensive social media campaign-combined with improved website design and functionality. Together, Illumine8 and Madrones developed not just a marketing strategy, but also business strategy that included monthly specials, segmentation in the craft beer market and a brunch product.
Madrones: an exciting American grill


Increase in Social Media reach and engagement, year-over-year


Growth in Website Traffic, Year-Over-Year


Best of Frederick Award Winners

The challenge

Madrones was attempting to break into the highly-competitive Frederick restaurant market where they had little brand recognition among potential customers. Opening in a saturated market with well-established local and national chain restaurants presented significant hurdles to success. Moreover, maintaining momentum and interest after Madrones’ grand opening posed challenges as well given the multitude of quality dining options in the area.

We’re not a national chain so when we opened in Frederick not many folks new our name. That was a major challenge for us. Illumine8 generated awareness and new customers for us, quickly. Their content strategy and management program, as well as their ability to track results and adjust tactics quickly, contributed greatly to a successful first year and is a big reason we’re still thriving today.

-Fred Rosenthal, President, Jaspers Restaurant Group

Illumine8 Services:

Social Media Implimentation

A dedicated team member was assigned with messaging, scheduling, and customer interaction to spread the Madrones story on social platforms.

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Marketing Strategy

Illumine8 provided Madrones with a comprehensive marketing strategy that included product development and messaging.

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Content Marketing Development

The Illumine8 team planned, wrote, published and promoted custom written content to keep customers coming back to their website.

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The Process

The Illumine8 team conducted in-depth discovery sessions with the Madrones leadership team to better understand their product, identify their challenges, build upon successes and collaborate on new ways to engage potential customers.

Post discovery, both groups worked closely to develop a marketing and content strategy, which included new product development and positioning platforms. The Illumine8 content team delivered consistent messaging that increased brand awareness through persuasive offers and inspired potential and existing customer engagement through blogs, social media and other pertinent communication channels.

Illumine8 was a partner for Madrones from stage one, and always available for discussion and planning as the new marketing efforts progressed.


The marketing and content strategy delivered Madrones the results they needed, tripling social engagement levels and quadrupling website traffic. Illumine8 also facilitated award submissions, promoting Best of Frederick award wins via their website and various social media outlets.

Today, Madrones is a well-known and successful Frederick restaurant staple and is a key player in its burgeoning foodie scene.

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15% increase organic search traffic

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