Community management company reaps rewards from innovative thought leadership approach

Client Case Study

Comsource, a community management firm located in Olney, Maryland, is a leading provider of HOA and condo association management services in the greater Washington, D.C., region. With more than 20,000 units in its portfolio, Comsource, founded in 1971, is one of the largest locally owned firms in the region. 

In September 2017, Comsource engaged Illumine8 Marketing & PR for content development and execution, seeking stronger brand awareness, better lead generation, and improved thought leadership positioning in the Washington, D.C., regional market.


239 blog views per month on average since launch


17 new leads from the four most recent content offers


44% newsletter open rate

The Challenge

Comsource has a solid website, a strong reputation in the market, and a very impressive portfolio of communities under management. While the track record and success stories existed, the firm had no real plan or the means to execute sharing these stories to their existing clients and potential customers. Comsource had the resume and highly respected team to be recognized as an industry thought leader but had not been able to execute a content and marketing strategy that could generate positive results from all the fine work the firm had done. Content was stuck on the shelf and needed to get out into the market on a regular basis.

The Process

The partnership started with Illumine8 analyzing Comsource branding, messaging, and positioning as it is related to the community association management market in the Washington, D.C., region. Illumine8 delivered a brand analysis report that placed Comsource’s brand, messaging, and unique positioning within the context of best practices and competitor activity. The final brand report became the “marching orders” for the content strategy and deployment schedule that followed.

Illumine8 delivered a brand analysis report that became the “marching orders” for the content strategy and deployment schedule that followed.

The Illumine8 team then went to work developing a detailed content strategy and calendar, which was integrated with Comsource’s overall operational strategy and executed at a practical, regular cadence.

The Results

Comsource’s content strategy quickly gained traction, generating solid blog views, newsletter open rates, and a host of new leads. This momentum, which has generated more than 60 new contacts to date, was utilized to promote a think-tank style educational event for HOA board members. This event was designed by Illumine8 to position Comsource as an industry thought leader and as a helpful resource to HOA boards seeking assistance. Within the first 24 hours of registration, more than 50 percent of the event seats were filled. This think-tank event will be repeated and expanded into a valuable lead generation and brand awareness tool moving forward.