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In our last blog we introduced you to the potential benefits of using Pinterest in your B2B business’s marketing. Today we’re going to teach you how to properly develop a pin to reach your customers effectively.

  • Photography
    First and foremost, invest in good photography. We’re not talking about your intern’s iPhone pictures of your work sites. Pinterest is a very visual social media site. Chose a photographer with a good portfolio and a creative eye. Make sure that you have a large portfolio of beautiful, bright pictures of your projects, your equipment, your team, your facility, and your location (this includes great pictures of your city or town as well). We recommend having photo sessions multiple times during the year. It’s well worth the effort and investment. Stale or generic photography might do more harm than good when it comes to your website and social media. If at all possible, stay away from stock photography. It’s cheesy, looks fake, and isn’t worth your money. Invest in the best for your company.
  • Words, Words, Words
    With your beautiful photography, grab your audience’s attention with the use of words with your image.  It’s necessary to have a picture as the main feature of your Pin, a descriptive picture helps grab your target persona’s attention. This text should encourage you to click on the image to learn more. There’s a balance between descriptive text that lures your target persona into clicking to learn more, and descriptive text that gives too much away.
    • Accompanying Text
      The text under your Pin’s picture is just as important as the picture and the descriptive text on the picture. The accompanying text of your Pin gives more information about what’s picture in the top portion of your Pin. Here’s an example of accompanying text, which is the second part of the Pin above:

      Now, while your company probably won’t be focusing on Pinning recipes, this is a great example of the sort of “educational tease” we’re looking for in a good Pin. Notice how while the accompanying text shares the ingredients, the actual recipe isn’t available on the Pin. For this recipe, you need to click on the Pin, which will redirect you to this page (though in the case of your business’s Pins, we’ll want to make Pins that redirect to your site). Properly formatted accompanying text will encourage click-through to your company’s site. This will encourage your cold leads to convert to customers. Make sure that the text of your Pins is keyword optimized for the best possible search engine optimization

    • Content
      The backbone of your Pins will always be your content. Blogs, fact sheets, guidebooks, white papers, and case studies are essential ingredients for developing great Pins. Pinterest users want new, different and useful information. Original content is respected and sought after. To truly stand out from your competition, start with unique, original content.

Hopefully after these blog posts Pinterest is starting to make more sense as a tool for B2B business. In the next post of this series we’ll discuss how to combine different categories and topics to attract attention to your Pinterest boards. 

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