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Where can you, as a B2B-focused business, find your place on Pinterest? Pinterest has grown to accommodate many different individuals and their interests. People use Pinterest for everything from planning their dream weddings, their first homes, or finding recommendations for new brands or service providers. Pinterest acts as a way for consumers to save information that the hope to refer to at a later point.

For most businesses, Pinterest acts as another public face for their company. Pinterest has so many more benefits that many businesses have just started to explore. Illumine8 Marketing & PR has written this introduction to help you start to consider Pinterest as a part of your B2B marketing efforts.

SEO Benefit of Pinterest

One of the greatest benefits of Pinterest to your B2B is its search engine optimization capabilities. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your company move to the to the top of search result pages on sites like Google. This is very important to the success of your company. Think about it! How often do you look past the first few results on Google, let alone the second page?

Once you’ve created a Pinterest page for your business you can start linking content from your website to pins on your company’s boards. These backlinks act as references to your site and the more people that re-pin your pin, the more backlinks your company’s site has! This not only increases the chances of someone visiting your site, but gives you a nice SEO boost as well.

Pinterest can also be used to improve your local search standings. Pin local sites and landmarks, as well as pictures of your storefront in relation to these landmarks, to help you become recognized as a part of the community. Businesses tend to prefer doing business with other businesses in their local community. Take advantage of this great perk to make connections!

Pins now help you to improve your social standing! Social signals are factored into Google’s algorithm, and just like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other sites, Pinterest is emerging as a valuable tool to boost your company’s ratings.

Research Aid for Potential Clients

Businesses are made up of people. While the companies that you’re targeting may not seem like a persona that would use Pinterest, the people that make up those companies probably are. Pinterest is a tool that many people use to organize their thoughts and plan for the future. While this may be exemplified by the wedding planning phenomenon on Pinterest, it can be equally beneficial to entrepreneurs, expanding businesses, and businesses looking for solutions to problems that your company can provide.

By pinning content links to Pinterest, you’re putting your company out there as a piece that can complete the puzzle that is the solution your potential clients are looking for. If your content is educational and gives a good picture of what your company can do, Pinterest can help you become a thought leader in whatever space you do business in.

Use keywords to help potential customers find your pins. If you’re a consultant, use phrases like “business consulting” or  “tips for businesses” in your pins. Think about what someone seeking your company’s products or services would search for, and start thinking about keywords from there. Give just enough information to spark interest that will draw the Pinterest user to your site.

Know Your Clients

In the world of B2B business, most of the time we look at what the company is and what the company’s public face looks like, rather than what the individuals are like that make up the company. Pinterest allows you to get an inside look at what your potential customers want, need, their interests and their goals in life are. For example: say that someone follows one of your company’s boards on Pinterest. Now that you have their profile information, you can do some investigating. Knowing more about your clients will help you to develop your marketing and sales strategy around their persona. This will help nurture this client through the marketing and sales funnel into being a customer of your company.

In closing, here at Illumine8 Marketing & PR we believe that Pinterest can be an invaluable tool for your B2B business. If you’d like to learn more about how Pinterest and other social platforms can benefit your business, learn more by contacting us using the link below! 

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