Illumine8 After Hours recap: Pantone color or nail polish color?

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Pantone is a company that conducts extensive research into color theory, and is the foundation of many fashion and design color choices.

They have become the world-renowned authority on color. But that doesn’t mean they’re good at naming them.

Last week’s Illumine8 After Hours focused on two products notorious for their creative names and descriptions: Pantone colors and nail polish color.

To play, Illumine8 team members were shown a color on an iPad and were given two options to pick from, one being a Pantone color name and another being the name and description of a nail polish. Whoever guessed the most correct out of five rounds won the chance to paint the loser’s nails.

Here’s how it played out:


The end result was a tie with both Christina May and Erik Pitzer getting their nails painted. Below you can read the names and intriguing descriptions of from each round.

Round One

Aphrodite’s Ego

Perfect for hot days by the beach and very cool nights in the clubs. This playful, whimsical light lavender nail color is perfect for a chic holiday.

Mauve Mist

A romantic and elegant purple shade harkening back to the deco era that stimulates a sense of femininity and empowerment.

Round Two

Tart Deco

Chic and modern, this dreamy coral hue is an artistic burst of color that creates a manicure masterpiece.

Grenadine Flame

A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine Flame is a confident and self-assured attention-getter leading the way for Fall 2017 in London.

Round Three

Off Tropic

Conversations may wander, but never the eyes. This lush grove green keeps the focus right where it belongs: on you.

Lush Meadow

This rich, elegant shade displays a sophisticated brightness, vibrant panache and depth of color that elevates over more natural greens.

Round Four

Enlightened Soul

This polish represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflect who we’ve been, are and aspire to become.

Spicy Mustard

A spicier, zestier yellow that is both unexpected and unusual. Spicy Mustard is an exotic addition that bounces elegantly off other colors in the fall palette.

Round Five

Angora Cardi

#1 most pinned shade for fall 2016 on Pinterest, this lush, deep dusty rose polish is one stylish sweater for every fashion season.

Velvet Plum

A warm, homely hue conveying a spirit of simplicity and sophistication. This shade adds a breath of subtleness and modesty to complimentary fall selections.

Stay tuned for the next Illumine8 After Hours on Friday, September 22!

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