Illumine8 After Hours Recap: Client gifts edition

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It’s officially December which means gift giving is on your mind. Illumine8 presents you with the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to giving gifts to your customers and employees.

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So, why is it important to give client gifts?

It shows that you care. Your clients pay you for your services, and you, in turn, give them a fair trade of services for their money. Client gifts are a nice way to show your appreciation for their business and trust in your company, and to say “thank you.”

They are also a great marketing opportunity, if you go about this the right way. More on that later.

Employee gifts are also a great way to say thank you. Whether it’s a holiday lunch, an afternoon off or a physical gift, showing your appreciation means a lot to your coworkers.

When is the best time to give clients gifts?

Early December is a great time to give employee gifts, but you may want to hold off for a while before giving client gifts. Think about it. Every other company out there is sending out client gifts right now, and your message and branding will just get lost in the mix if you choose to send now as well. It’s just like any other marketing campaign.

So, if you’re running behind on mailing this holiday season, don’t worry. This could be a great opportunity for you.

Consider sending out your annual “thank you” at a different time of year. It could be Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, your client’s service anniversary or any other creative date.

Sending your gift at a different time of year will give you a unique, creative edge and keep you on your client’s mind when they aren’t really receiving any marketing materials from other companies. Brand it with your logo to make it stand out.

How do you make a client gift not ugly?

There are good and bad client gifts out there, and it is important to remember that this is a good marketing opportunity for your brand. It is worth the effort to execute it properly.

Do you remember who that summer sausage and cheese gift box came from last year? Probably not. Make the effort to gift something unique and brand it with your company’s logo, or personalize it with your client’s name or brand.

Follow these expert tips from our graphic designer, Erik Pitzer:

  1. Don’t stretch your logo.
  2. Use a single color version of your logo that is a high contrast with whatever you are putting it on.
  3. Make sure it fits and is big enough to actually read. If your logo includes a tagline that is too long, perhaps rethink putting it on a pen where nobody will be able to read it.
  4. Review the proof before ordering - You may have to pay extra for this, but it will save you from ordering a batch of gifts with a stretched out logo that you won’t be able to give to any clients.

The following "would you rather' questions were asked and answered?

  1. Would you rather receive exotic coffee or an expensive bottle of champagne from a client?
  2. Would you rather receive the same present that you gave the client last year (they’re regifting it to you), or a very expensive gift card to your least favorite restaurant in town?
  3. Would you rather receive personalized stationary or a fruit basket from a client?
  4. Would you rather receive something useful that you already have 50 of, or receive something unique that you’ll never use?
  5. Would you rather receive a gift that was handmade or store-bought?
  6. Would you rather receive a cheap pen or an ugly mug?

Answer these “would you rather” questions for yourself and comment what you think. If you enjoyed this episode of Illumine8 After Hours, let us know. Check out more content on our blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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