7 Marketing Breakthroughs That’ll Blow Your Mind

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If we listed every brilliant marketing move that made our world what it is today, our fingers would eventually fall off from typing so much. However, we have some favorite marketing tools. There are some timeless trends that help us analyze what keywords are working, and there are some new breakthroughs that will help make inbound marketing even better, so let’s not waste any more time. Here’s our list of some marketing breakthroughs that’ll just blow your mind:

  1. SlideShare: LinkedIn SlideShare is a 2006 breakthrough that’s just now getting the attention it deserves. Known as “YouTube for slideshows,” this Web 2.0-based slide hosting service allows users to upload files (privately and publicly) using PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument presentations. The service also supports regular documents, videos and webinars, and users can also enable comments and the ability to rate their presentations to generate more leads. The content can be shared or viewed on SlideShare’s website, on handheld devices (SlideShare has a mobile app) or through embedding on other sites, so sign up today.
  2. Hashtags: Nowadays, anyone who is everyone has social media, and it has been the greatest thing for marketing since sliced bread – or something like that. Hashtags allow companies and organizations to take the lead on what their potential consumers are talking about. Using the “#” sign, social media users create a link to other tweets, posts or statuses that have the same hashtag. It generates conversation without the sales pitch and gives feedback without the annoying survey technique. #Winning
  3. Google AdWords: Talk about a game changer. Search engine optimization becomes more relevant and important with every piece of content, and Google AdWords is a marketer’s best friend for boosting and tracking SEO. Users can search for how a keyword will perform, gather statistics and compile a list of other competitive keywords to stay ahead. This program will help tailor your efforts to getting top spot in the search engine game without wasting any time.
  4. HootSuite: This program is free as a bird – for 30 days – and as helpful as your first cup of coffee on Monday morning. (Not an owl pun, but you get it.) HootSuite simplifies content creating by allowing users to manage all of their social media presence in one place. Synch your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other accounts to HootSuite then post, like and comment from one website. Each feed is sorted into a tab, can be filtered for specified streams using keywords and is automatically refreshed. But, wait! There’s more: Users can also preschedule their posts for a future date, so social listening doesn’t have to be written on the agenda. HootSuite does it for you.
  5. FollowerWonk: There’s no doubt that Twitter is taking over the world, but have you ever wondered which of your potential leads are most active on the website? FollowerWonk gives users the ability to view the demographics of their follower base using location, social authority, tweet and retweet count, number of followers, mentions and twitter handles. Visualizations and interactive charts are then compiled based on your niche, so gathering and targeting your buyer personas has never been easier.
  6. CrazyEgg: This tool is so crazy cool; it sounds too good to be true. This service creates search engine and web analytics for inbound marketing. #Basic, but CrazyEgg is a conversion-oriented website and landing page communication device that helps you trace the path of your potential lead’s behavior. (Sounds creepy, but it’s great in action.) You can see what content engages leads and which keywords make them cringe, so get crackin’!
  7. Unbounce: Everything is going mobile, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, so if you can’t beat them, join them – that’s exactly what Unbounce does. This website allows users to create and test conversion-oriented landing pages that are mobile-responsive before they go live. Unbounce makes calling the IT guy for glitches a thing of the past. Did we mention it offers a free 30-day trial? You can test a landing page service that allows you to test landing pages. Talk about an inception.

You may have already heard or even used some of these cool new services and techniques. If you haven’t, we’re glad to have shown you the light. These marketing breakthroughs will only continue to grow and help your research and campaigns. You probably have some signing up to do now, so good luck!

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