Marketing Automation

Marketing on your terms

The biggest concern with marketing automation is always that it will feel too stale and impersonal. Fortunately, there’s a way around that. By keeping the human aspects of your company at the forefront, your customers don’t lose any of the personal connections. Automation isn’t about replacing the humanality of marketing and engagement. Instead, it’s more focused on making those interactions easier and more manageable. 

Marketing Automation
Finding the balance

Finding the balance

Whether you’re looking to automate your email marketing or increase your engagement with existing customers, marketing automation can take out all the guesswork. Using smart logic and rules, automation can gauge interest and interaction levels, convert more traffic to sales, and increase your repeat business.

A methodology based in logic

Our focus is on your customers and what makes them act. By focusing on the logic behind their interactions with your company, we can customize and tailor automation campaigns to continue to deliver the right content at the right time through the right channels. When all your marketing automation systems are working together, your customers will never know they’ve been marketed to

"Omnichannel marketing automation can produce 250% higher purchase and engagement rates than single-channel marketing automation."

Marketing Automation

Your marketing strategy on autopilot

Increase revenue, productivity, and engagement at the same time.

Automated Communications

Enhance the digital customer experience

Whether it’s email automation, text-messaging automation, or adding an automated chatbot feature on your website, your business needs to be automating the way you communicate with your customers. It will create consistent messaging, timely responses, increased engagement, and all while removing the burden from your staff.

Marketing Software Automation

Establish and enforce industry best practices

Your marketing software has incredible hidden powers. Through a strategic automated approach, our team can implement marketing best practices. From segmenting contacts into well-defined buckets to tracking and nurturing a user as they make their way through the buyer's journey, automation is a powerful key that unlocks deep insight that was never thought possible before.

E-Commerce Automation

Drive sales and improve conversion

Are you an established company looking to build or refine your e-commerce presence? Automation is a critical part of making sure your e-commerce strategy is optimized to achieve maximum returns. No matter if you are starting from scratch or have already established an e-commerce presence, our team can assist you with the highest level of strategy and execution.

Stay Compliant

Maintain regulatory compliance

Consumer protection laws, data privacy laws, and internet regulations are being updated on a regular basis. Our team ensures that your marketing and automation solutions are updated to meet new requirements before they are signed into law.

"I knew I had the right person. The results from that first meeting to the results we have now are just phenomenal."

- Kaempf & Harris President Mike Topper on Illumine8 CEO Christina May

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