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Practical Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Services

Illumine8 uses the latest in marketing technology to streamline your business development efforts and deliver top-notch ROI.


We use a powerful, integrated marketing tool called HubSpot to track, capture and analyze customer behavior and campaign performance to the tiniest detail.

Engage with your audience to keep them in your funnel all the way to the sale


We construct automatic marketing workflows that efficiently nurture leads, convert them into customers and then keep them engaged.

A marketing automation plan that is tailor-fit to your organization's needs.


Automation does not mean cookie cutter. Your communications will be branded, unique and tailored to your voice.

Deliver timely, personalized content to your audience.


Marketing automation includes myriad ways to personalize communications, so your lead or customer always feels like you’re talking directly to them.

Know the


We track and measure automated marketing to the smallest detail. You’ll always know the “why” behind what’s working and what’s not.

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