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You already know that buyers and the sales process have changed and every day brings a new challenge from supply issues to new technologies. How do you bring your people, processes, and technology together to drive more revenue? Are your marketing and sales strategies keeping up? Is your Enterprise Resource Planning system (i.e. Sage, Epicore, Netsuite, Acumatica, etc.) integrated with your customer database or CRM? Is it built for what’s next? Building manufacturing leaders are being challenged to do more with less. Meet the demands of more buyers. Convert more prospects. Create digitalized experiences. Implement more technology. Navigate a rapidly changing building industry. Meet the needs of more distributors. This is what we help manufacturing leaders navigate every single day with RevOps.


Manufacturing RevOps begins with CRM & ERP technology alignment

Build your RevOps foundation with the right technology that brings your CRM, Marketing, Sales, and ERP software together. Creating a single source of truth enables your teams to align their efforts and drive more revenue - made possible only with the right tech stack. Imagine automated marketing campaigns based on orders or actions by your inside and outsides sales. Optimized communications with your trade and distribution partners. The real measurement of ROI is based on your sales, marketing, and service efforts - all possible by aligning your manufacturing technology. 

Marketing strategy and sales alignment for building industry manufacturers

Your products are integral to the construction industry - from components to fully assembled modular housing - nothing moves forward in the building industry without manufacturing. Just like windows and doors, marketing strategy and sales alignment are foundational to your business. Whether you have a dedicated marketing team or are in need of a foundational strategy, Illumine8 can help you build a scalable marketing strategy that builds an audience, converts qualified leads, aligns with your internal and external sales teams, and expands your customer retention rates.

"Companies with RevOps functions typically see 19% faster growth and 15% more profits."


Building Success: Featured Case Studies

We love to build. Scale your business by aligning your people, processes, and technology. Build your digital marketing strategy, grow through automation and expand with RevOps. View our case studies and learn how we were able to make a lasting impact and drive growth for our clients.

Builder Marketing Case Study

New Home Builder nets 442% lead increase with marketing automation

Illumine8 helped the developer and builders of this PUD build an automated sales lead generation campaign by mapping their buyer's journey to automatically send qualified sales leads to the sales team. This increased both efficiencies, follow-up, and qualified buyers by 442% over six weeks.


RevOps transforms customer experience for Real Estate Firm

Learn how Illumine8 helped this commercial property management and investment firm leverage digital automation to save hundreds of employee hours per year by automating this one customer service process.

“What I find interesting and fun about what Illumine8 brings to us is they'll come up with a good idea at first, like updating our website. Then, out of the blue, they surprise me and say, ‘Oh no, there's more you can do’. Or even ‘have you thought about doing this?’”

- Bill Singer, Principal, Kenwood Management Company

Types of Engagements

Growing manufacturing companies in and who support the building industry partner with Illumine8 to leverage revenue operations in the following engagements:


Building your RevOps Foundation

Our team will work with you to focus on foundational revenue operations functions required for every business to scale. Foundational revenue operations include digital marketing, CRM, inbound marketing, goal setting, and benchmarking.


Growing with RevOps Automation

Revenue operations automation leverages a technology audit to review your processes from a profit and customer experience perspective. We discover efficiencies and codify best practices for marketing, sales, and operational automation.


Expanding profits with RevOps

Achieving organizational alignment with revenue operations accelerates a cycle of value generation. We accelerate goal to customer alignment with real-time custom dashboards giving you transparency to all activities contributing ROI.

We are a revenue operations firm for businesses that support the building industry: manufacturers, distributors, builders, and real estate management services.

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