1. How willing is your team to embrace and use new software?

Is your team eager to move to new systems, softwares, and technologies? Is there a culture of acceptance and excitement around change? Or hesitation and fear?

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My team has used the same technologies and systems for many years and are hesitant to try new things.

My team gets excited about new things, but has struggled with wide-spread adoption.

My team isn’t the most tech savvy, but they’re curious about new technologies.

My organization is at the leading-edge of new technology and has successfully implemented organization-wide software like Salesforce or HubSpot already.

2. How proficient is your team in your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

A CRM is a software that allows you to track and analyze all elements of your relationships with your clients, including sales and communications. Whether you’re using an enterprise solution like Salesforce or managing your sales from a spreadsheet, how confident do you feel in your ability to manage your customers, prospects, and sales data?

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I’m not sure if my team is familiar with CRM technologies.

My team uses a spreadsheet or other manual system for tracking sales and customer acquisition.

My team has a CRM, but there’s a lot of resistance to using it.

My team uses a CRM (but we may need additional training to make the most of it).

3. How proficient is your team with your Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is a software application that allows you to build and manage your website without having to code it from scratch. Are you making the most out of your blog and email platforms to tell your story and deepen relationships with your customers and prospects?

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I’m not sure if my team uses a CMS.

My team doesn’t have a CMS.

My team uses a CMS, but we need help.

My team is power users for our CMS.

4. Can your website collect information for customers who want quotes or set appointments?

Are your customers or prospects able to buy things on your website, request quotes, or set up appointments automatically and without assistance?

5. Is your team able to track your leads and attribute where they originated?

As you make new sales, can you tell where those leads came from to calculate how much money you’re spending to bring in new business?