Digital Transformation Circles

For family businesses, the digital strategy struggle is real

Leaders across the family business landscape may not serve the same customers, but we’re working to solve the same problems.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges in your organization?

  • Billing and invoicing takes too much time
  • Difficulty working remotely
  • Struggle to find or connect with new customers 
  • Spending too much time on email 
  • Sales team is spending a lot of time on the phone
  • Not enough leads
  • Leads are not right for our business
  • Sales process takes too long
  • Uncertain how to hire or onboard in a remote workforce
  • Not enough name and brand recognition 
  • Shipping takes too much time 
  • Friction between sales and marketing
  • Under-production of products and goods
  • Over-production of products and goods 
  • Unused and under-used talent
  • Uncertainty what your marketing manager does
  • Employee burnout
  • Not enough value for the price point of the product
  • We’re making costly mistakes due to human error
  • When someone is out, there are tasks we can’t complete

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