Painting & Wallcovering Contractor Reaps Rewards from New Website

Cochran & Mann is a family-owned-and-operated painting and wallcovering contractor headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. The company was founded in 1990, and over the past 27 plus years has established itself as one of the premier contractors in the Washington D.C. region.


Cochran & Mann partnered with Illumine8 Marketing & PR in October 2017 in an effort to improve their branding, build a new website and execute a content strategy that would yield new leads and help with employee recruitment.


Illumine8 created a new Cochran & Mann logo and tagline to improve its brand positioning


Electronic newsletter open rate

The new website launched in October 2017

The challenge

Cochran & Mann had historically relied on its outstanding work and reputation for leads and new business opportunities. As a result, investment in their branding, online presence and marketing efforts had lagged, leaving them with an antiquated logo and website and one-off marketing campaigns. While the company’s revenue streams remained strong, the leadership team recognized that to reach their lofty growth goals a more refined brand, a stronger website and a regimented content strategy was necessary.

Illumine8 Helped Cochran & Mann Using the Following Services:

Business Strategy

Illumine8 worked closely with Cochran & Mann’s leadership to understand their vision, challenges and growth targets to reshape their brand and marketing approach.

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Website Development, Design & Depolyment

Illumine8 created a site map, designed the website according to the new brand strategy, programmed the back end and launched the website.

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Content Strategy and Demand Generation

The partnership also focused on deploying the right content on the right channels, expanding brand awareness, establishing trust and positioning Cochran & Mann as an industry expert.

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The Process

The engagement began with Illumine8 analyzing Cochran & Mann’s branding, messaging and positioning as it related to the competitive market in the region.  A comprehensive brand analysis report delivered to Cochran & Mann’s leadership team outlining a road map for refining the brand, improving messaging and enhancing the company’s positioning to better promote the firm’s differentiators. Once approved, this brand report served as the foundation for all future marketing and content activities.

The Illumine8 team then designed a new logo and created a new tagline for the business. Once approved, and the new branding was established, the collaboration turned to executing the brand across a new, modern website optimized for lead capture and conversion. On a parallel path, a content strategy was developed, organized and deployed, including a new company newsletter, email marketing, blogs and social media promotion.



In a short span of time, the website generated more than 2,200 views and 15 new leads. The email newsletter, launched in February 2018, currently enjoys a 25% open rate; blog views are ranging around 128 views per month; and social media followers have increased on Facebook by 4.2% and on LinkedIn by 7.7%. Cochran & Mann’s content offer, How to Hire a Commercial Contractor, won two awards in 2018.

15% increase organic search traffic

15% increase organic search traffic

15% increase organic search traffic

15% increase organic search traffic

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