Sales Turnaround Transforms Community into a Flagship Frederick County Neighborhood

Client Case Study

Ryan Homes is a leading national builder that was founded in 1948. For more than 70 years, their passion and purpose have been building beautiful places that people love to call home. You can find Ryan Homes models throughout 27 metropolitan areas, across 14 states, in more than 300 communities.

Ryan Homes engaged Illumine8 in 2015 to help them develop an inbound marketing strategy that would drive Brunswick Crossing’s (one of the communities that includes Ryan Homes models) marketing and lead generation program, enable the sales team, and improve sales overall.


2x more website traffic


Top 5 highest-selling communities in Maryland


300% increase in lead generation

The Challenge

When Ryan Homes and Illumine8 decided to engage in a collaborative partnership, there were several challenges that presented themselves. The first of which was a compressed timeline due to the nature or the residential development process. Ryan Homes was only able to partner with Illumine8 five months ahead of a planned community relaunch in May 2015. Another challenge was Ryan Homes’ dormant marketing program. The Ryan Homes website was again as sales fell into a lull. The company needed a formal, integrated inbound marketing program that delivered the traffic and leads necessary to sustain sales and consistently reach or exceed sales goals. The first hurdle that needed to be addressed to overcome this challenge was integrating marketing tools into the aging Brunswick Crossing website that allowed Illumine8 to capture, convert, and track leads generated by the new inbound marketing program.

The Process

Illumine8’s partnership with Ryan Homes involved a three-pronged approach -- branding, development, and an integrated campaign. Illumine8 had to quickly and efficiently launch a formal, integrated inbound marketing program for Ryan Homes. The Illumine8 team created a marketing and brand refresh plan to generate interest for the Brunswick Crossing product relaunch. Illumine8 refreshed the Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing brands by recasting its product offering as the “R4 collection.” Illumine8 capitalized on the chance to combine product (models/R4 marketing) with lifestyle marketing. Messaging emphasized the combined benefits of living in an elegant, well-built home while enjoying access to an outstanding lifestyle and first-class amenities.

Three-pronged approach:

Three-pronged Approach


Three-pronged Approach


Three-pronged Approach

Integrated Campaign

Because a full website redesign was not possible due to time constraints, the Illumine8 team strategically targeted and optimized high-impact pages to drive conversions without disrupting the existing website design. To better support the rollout of the brand relaunch campaign, and take advantage of HubSpot’s capabilities, Illumine8 created a series of landing pages that matched the existing website design. These landing pages would bridge the gap between Inbound tactics and the limited capacity of the existing website to capture and help convert leads. In only 30 days, and just four months before the brand relaunch in May, the marketing program was ready for launch. Over the next four months, Illumine8 managed, tracked and adjusted an inbound, integrated campaign.

The Results

From January 2015 to August 2016, the Illumine8 and Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing collaboration yielded excellent results. Over those 20 months, website traffic more than doubled and the company saw a 300 percent increase in lead generation. In fact, during that same timeframe, their customers increased from two to 52. Today, Brunswick Crossing continues to thrive, enjoying brisk sales across its product lines. Moreover, the integrated, inbound marketing program instituted during the brand relaunch period continues to produce.