Logo Madness: Round of 64 (Midwest & South Regions)

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With the left half the bracket through the first round, we shift our attention to the Midwest and South regions.

This is one of several installments striving to answer our burning question: Who has the best logo in the NCAA tournament?

Let's finish out the Round of 64...

Note: Voting for this round is now closed.

Kansas vs. UC Davis

In our closest match-up of the "First Four" play-in games, the horseshoe "C" logo of UC Davis edged out the fierce eagle of North Carolina Central. Can it take down another bird?

Kansas vs. UC Davis 

Miami vs. Michigan State

Miami vs. Michigan State

Iowa State vs. Nevada

Iowa State vs. Nevada

Purdue vs. Vermont

Purdue vs. Vermont

Creighton vs. Rhode Island

Creighton vs. Rhode Island

Oregon vs. Iona


Michigan vs. Oklahoma State


Louisville vs. Jacksonville State


North Carolina vs. Texas Southern


Arkansas vs. Seton Hall


Minnesota vs. Middle Tennessee State


Butler vs. Winthrop


Cincinnati vs. Kansas State

KSU's purple wildcat logomark ousted Wake Forest's timid "WF" monogram in last round's play-in game to advance against Cincinnati's clawed "C" logo.


UCLA vs. Kent State


Dayton vs. Wichita State


Kentucky vs. Northern Kentucky



Polls for this round will close at 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, March 19th. Voting resumes Monday, March 20th with the Round of 32.

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